Qualification Manager Overview

The Qualification Manager is where you set up the training that you deliver.

Choose Manage > Qualifications from the menus to display the Qualification Manager:

1. Training Packages contains recognised Training Packages sourced from the government's training website (http://training.gov.au) to represent accredited training, these are often imported directly using VETtrak's option to Import/Update Packages From TGA.

Within a Training Package, you can manage Qualifications, which can then have Units associated with them.

2. Courses store non-accredited training, usually represented as Short Courses, with either Units of Competency of Modules associated with them.

A third option will be available if your organisation offers VET Student Loans and is using VETtrak Enterprise.

3. Unit Search
This feature allows all of the existing of units and modules to be searched.

  • To search, type the first few characters of the unit code, OR Tick the checkbox to expand the qual tree and identify the unit/module this way.

4. Notes
This section in the side panel will display any relevant notes for the selected item. For example: The Description from a course or qualification.

5. Filter
Some selected items can be filtered. For example, if the Enrolments node is selected for a specific qualification, it will be possible to enable the Apply date range checkbox from the Filter section of the side panel. The enrolments listed in the tree will then be filtered to the specified dates. 


Additional Features

Incorporated units

There is the option for Incorporated units when a unit has been expanded. Within here you can assign incorporated units by right-clicking the node, or by drag-and-drop from the Unit Search panel or elsewhere in the tree. This has no special functionality in VETtrak, but can be used to show incorporated units on Statements of Attainment if required.

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