General Preferences - Client

The Client tab of General preferences has settings that relate to the Client Wizard and creating a new client.

Choose File > Global Preferences.

General preferences are displayed when Global preferences opens. Then choose the Client tab:


The Client preferences are:


Always edit client personal details

This setting determines the default state of the Edit personal information checkbox at the end of the Client Wizard.

If Always edit client personal details is enabled, the checkbox will be ticked:


Use international addresses in client wizard

Enabling this option will select the international address tab in the Personal Details wizard by default.

Important: Using international addresses is not AVETMISS compliant! International addresses cannot be used in AVETMISS reports.


Exclude from marketing email/SMS

Sets the default state of this option in the Personal Details Wizard when creating a new client. If Exclude from marketing email/SMS is enabled the checkbox of the same name will be ticked.


Web publish clients

Sets the default state of this option in the Client Wizard when creating a new client. If Web publish clients is enabled the checkbox for Web publish/Privacy release signed will be ticked.


Allow recording of Jobactive provider

Enabling this setting adds a new item to the client tree for Jobactive provider.


Make previous client employment records inactive when adding

This setting will automatically set previous employment records to inactive when a new item is added to the Employment wizette within the Client Wizard.


Bitmap compression quality

This sets the compression qualitiy for images that need to be converted to jpg. A higher number produces better results and a larger file size, lower numbers produce poorer results but smaller file sizes.


Warn when entering client younger than

Enable this option to have VETtrak warn when a client is younger than the age specified. The default age is 18, but this can be adjusted. The warning applies when the date of birth is set in the Client Wizard.


Default web portal role for new clients

This setting is only applicable if you are using the VETtrak Student Portal. It will pre-select the chosen role in the Client Wizard.


Default client manager search

This sets the default Search when looking up existing records within the client manager. Making a selection from the drop down list will cause the Client Manager to automatically select that criteria when it is opened.

The options include:

  • Surname, Given (a string of letters forming the beginning of their surname and/or given name).
  • Code (the start of, or complete, client code - note that if codes contain leading zeros, these cannot be omitted when searching).
  • Occurrence ID (enter the ID number of an occurrence to display clients from that occurrence).
  • External code (enter the start of, or full, external code for the client).
  • Employees (enter the start of the employer's name)
  • Enrolment (enter the ID number of an enrolment to display the client it is attached to)



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