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VETenrol Admin Config Card for Registration Steps Working with Children is part of the Industry-specific Steps page, which is accessed from the Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) page in the VETenrol Admin.

These settings apply to the Working with Children step in the standard registration process, which is the only industry-specific step currently available.

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WWC step options

VETenrol Admin Steps page WWC options section

Enable Working With Children
This option enables the Working With Children step in the registration process.

  • Each applicable state needs to be enabled () and the user must specify one of the enabled state(s) as part of their residential address at the Details step for the Working with Children step to be included in the registration process.
  • If the Enable Working With Children checkbox is unticked () the step will not be part of the registration process.


If the option Enable International Addresses is ticked, and a user indicates they are registering from overseas, the occurrence location will be used to determine if the WWC step will be included in the registration process.


The Working with Children step is mandatory and a valid card or an application lodgement number must be supplied before proceeding to the next step.

VETenrol only ensures the appropriate fields are not left blank, it performs no further validation.

Working with Children/Vulnerable People Terms

VETenrol Admin Steps page WWC Terms section

This field allows the introductory text displayed at this step to be modified. 

  • Click the Default button to insert the default text for editing, or type plain text or html directly into the field.
  • Alternatively, click VETenrol Admin Pencil icon to open the Editor, where text can be entered and formatted, then click Apply and the resulting html will be inserted into the field. Click Save to commit the changes.

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