The Registration Process

This article details the complete registration process as experienced by a customer, in its most basic form. Most registration features and all additional steps available through the Client Administration Interface are disabled.

The mandatory registration steps are:

In addition, the Payment step is mandatory depending on the Payment Preferences set within Client Administration Interface and/or the customer’s payment choice.

Other steps are considered optional, but if enabled within Client Administration Interface, there may be elements within those steps customers are required to complete.

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The first step of the registration process requests the customer’s personal information, such as name and date of birth. Some features differing from those on the main screen are introduced at this point.

  1. Breadcrumbs — The navigation links for the registration process, showing the point to which the customer has progressed. They appear on each of the registration steps.

  2. Registration Heading — The title text used for the registration process, appears on each of the steps. It can be changed through the Client Administration interface.

  3. Course details — The name, date, location, and cost of the course. These details are carried through the whole registration process.

    • The  icon will open the original course details in a pop-up.
  4. Text notice — a customisable notice instructing customers on the legal name requirement.

  5. Participant matching — If the customer has registered for a course in the past, their details can be retrieved from VETtrak and will pre-fill some fields in the registration process.

  6. The 'Back' button — Return to the previous step in the registration process.

  7. The 'Next' button — Proceed to the next step in the registration process.



Users are asked to provide their address, contact numbers and emergency contact details.

  1. Scroll Bar — The scroll bar is displayed when there is more information than can be displayed in the browser window. Scrolling down will reveal the remaining fields and the Back and Next buttons.

NOTE: If the AVETMISS step is enabled, citizenship status will not be requested here.


Confirm Registration

This step obtains acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and presents the payment options.

  1. Terms & Conditions text — This text is set in the Client Administration.

  2. Agreement checkbox — The customer must tick this box to be able to complete their registration.

  3. The 'Payment Method' selector — This drop-down menu allows the client to choose from the payment methods enabled in the Client Administration.

  4. The 'Confirm Registration' button — Once enabled, this button will proceed to the secure payment step, or provide EFT bank details. The registration will appear in Client Administration when this button is clicked.

    • This button will remain disabled until the Agreement checkbox has been ticked.

    • The button should be clicked only once.



Payment (credit card only)

Customers are transferred to the secure VETenrol server to complete credit card information. For payment methods other than Credit Card, this step may be substituted or skipped.

The payment step has different branding requirements and as such, you may notice slight differences in the general appearance of this step when compared to other VETenrol steps. In addition, the contact information for your organisation will typically be displayed on this screen even if it does not feature in the style chosen for the rest of the registration process.

  1. 'Card Type' selector — This drop-down menu offers a choice of credit card types based on the settings in the Client Administration.

  2. 'Process' button — This sends the payment through for automatic processing to your merchant provider and redirects to the Registration Confirmation screen.

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Registration Confirmation

This is visual notification for a successful registration. An email notification including these details is also sent to the customer at this stage.

  1. Contact details for the organisation — Obtained from the Client Administration.

  2. The 'Print' button — Clicking this opens the print dialogue for printing the confirmation.

  3. The 'Close' button — This will close the registration window if it was opened as a pop-up from your organisation’s website.

NOTE: EFT bank account details will also be displayed on this screen if that payment method is enabled and has been chosen by the customer.

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