Inital Setup of VETenrol

There are some configuration tasks required to ensure the system is ready to accept registrations.

  1. Organisation Details
  2. Student/User Payment Methods
  3. Student/User Terms & Conditions.

Organisation Details

Login to the VETenrol Admin with your VETtrak user credentials:

  • Click the Account icon at the top right of the page.
  • Complete the Organisation Details section.
    These details will be displayed to user during registration (generally in the footer area, but also at Confirmation).
    • Some information may already be pre-filled, please check this for accuracy.
    • If this section does not appear, you may not be a site administrator. The role associated with the account is also displayed on this page.

Student/User Payment Methods

  • Click the Configuration icon at the top right of the page.
  • Click Payment Settings.
  • The Global Payment Preferences are all optional. If enabled, these apply to all registration types, unless otherwise noted.
  • Choose the applicable settings for Individual Registration Payment Preferences. You will need to enable at least one option.
  • Choose the applicable settings for Group Registration Payment Preferences. You will need at least one option enabled if you intend to accept group bookings.
  • Click Save.

Student/User Terms & Conditions

  • Click the Configuration icon at the top right of the page. VETenrolAdmin_Configuration.png
  • Click Registration Steps.
  • Select the Confirm tab.
  • Find the Terms & Conditions section.
  • Review the default Terms & Conditions.
    The Terms & Conditions will be displayed to clients, and need to be accepted to continue to the payment step of the registration process.
    • Click the Default button to insert the default (if it isn't prefilled), alternatively you can create your own by deleting the existing content.
    • Click the edit icon in the bottom right corner of the field.
      This will open the Editor:

      Some key points for making the most of the Editor:
      1. You can expand the editor's content area (vertically only), which will allow you to see more of the content at once.
      2. The View menu offers Full Screen mode, which will take up the whole of the VETenrol window. Don't forget to exit Full Screen by re-selecting the option again, so that you can apply the changes you've made.
      3. Close will discard changes and exit, whereas Apply will save the changes and exit.
    • If you intend to use the Default:
      • The following section in the privacy notice requires additional information to be added for all RTOs. You will need to have the URL to the Privacy Policy from your website handy.
        • Contact Information
          There is existing text as part of the default prompting you to include your contact information and the link to your own privacy policy on your website.
          • Scroll to the bottom of the content, find the line [insert RTO contact details and link to RTO's privacy policy]
          • Type in your contact details for users enquiring about the items on list provided in the content.
          • Click the editor link icon icon to insert a link.
          • Type, or copy & paste in the URL to your Privacy Policy on your website.
          • Enter the Text to display to the user.
          • If you have additional information you want to display o
          • Select New window for the Open link in option.
          • Click Save.
      • There might be some other additions to the default text specific to your RTO and how it operates. Check the instructions taken from the December 2020 National VET Data Policy for the following headings, and add your own text to the sections in the editor where needed.
        • Why we collect your personal information
          In accordance with APP 5.2(e), a collection notice should include the consequences for the individual if the personal information is not collected. If there are any consequences if an individual does not provide their personal information to you, you should explain these consequences here (e.g. that you will not be able to enrol them as a student).
        • How we disclose your personal information
          If any disclosures of students’ personal information to overseas recipients are likely, please include a statement notifying students of this likely disclosure and the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located (if it is practicable to specify those countries in the notice or to otherwise make the individual aware of them) in accordance with the requirements set out in APP 5.2(i) and (j).
        • How NCVER and other bodies handle your personal information
          If the privacy notice on the Department's website cannot be accessed electronically by the student, you are required to provide them with a downloaded or hard copy of that notice.
          If applicable to the student, insert details about how a state or territory authority may handle personal information and link to relevant privacy notice or policy
    • Once you have completed making changes to the Privacy Policy, click Apply to accept and close the Editor.
  • Click the Save button for the page to fully commit the changes.


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