Confirmation Attachments

The Confirmation Attachments feature allows electronic files to be sent with the confirmation email received by users when they successfully register. Attachments are associated with the default confirmation, which applies globally to all registrations unless there is an override in place.

Attachments can be associated with the confirmation email as per the following:

  • For all registrations
  • Only registrations into:
    • a specific programme
      • for any occurrence of that programme.
      • where the occurrence has a specific location.
      • with a specific occurrence.
    • an occurrence with a specific location from any programme.

Only one file can be associated with each attachment record so if the same file should also be used for another programme, a new attachment record is needed and the file re-uploaded for it.

For example

You want to include a copy of a student handbook as an attachment, however training for one of your programmes is handled by a third party and needs a different file. You would have to either:

  • Add an attachment record for each of your programmes, except the one that doesn't require it; or
  • Add a global attachment record and use an override template for the exception.

In this article:

Attachments in VETenrol Admin

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Award VerificationAttachments is a category of the Confirmation Emails page that is used to manage attachments for the confirmation email.

To access it from Configuration () in VETenrol Admin: Click the Confirmation Email heading or associated text to open the page, and then click the Attachments tab.

VETenrol Admin Confirmation Emails Attachments tab

Key aspects of the Attachments section:

  • List — Displays the existing attachment records and allows them to be managed. The list will not appear until there is at least one entry.
  • The New Attachment button — Opens a pop-up to create a new entry. A button of the same name and function is also available near the top of the page.

Creating an Attachment record

To create a new entry, click the New Attachment button on the page. This will open the Confirmation Email Attachment pop-up.

VETenrol Confirmation Email Attachment pop up

  • Determine when the file should be included as an attachment and complete the necessary fields:
    Refer to your VETenrol Admin's API Summary Report for assistance with identifying programme name(s) or occurrence IDs.
    • Leave all fields blank if the file needs to be attached to the confirmation for all registrations.
    • Programme Name — The attachment will be included with the confirmation for all occurrences of a particular programme.
      Complete this field by entering the name exactly as it appears in VETtrak, including spacing and capitalisation.
    • Occurrence ID — This will restrict inclusion of the attachment to a single occurrence of a programme. No other fields need to be completed for this (although the Programme Name can also be added). This choice is not recommended for occurrences that will quickly expire.
    • Location — The attachment will be included with the confirmation for occurrences with a particular location, regardless of programme.
    • Programme Name and Location — The attachment will be included with the confirmation for occurrences of a particular programme, but only if the occurrence has a particular location.
  • Click Choose File and select the file. NOTE: Common file types, such as PDF, are recommended to ensure users will have the appropriate program on their device to open the file(s).
  • Click the Save button.

Managing Overrides

Once an entry has been created, the list allows the records to be managed.

VETenrol Admin Confirmation Attachments List

  • number  — This link allows the entry to be edited. Note that the existing filename will not appear in the pop-up, however the file does not need to be re-uploaded. Only choose a file if you want to replace the existing one.
  • Filename — Download the file associated with the record.
  • delete link — Clicking this link will permanently remove the entry.

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