Creating a LLN Quiz

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Step Creation Quizzes are created using the Add/Edit LLN Quiz section of LLN Quizzes, which is accessed from Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) page via the link under Step Creation.

To create a new quiz:

VETenrol Admin Add LLN Quiz section

  • Ensure the section is blank. If details of an existing LLN is being viewed, click the New button.
  • Type in a Quiz Name to identify the quiz. This name is not shown to users.
  • Optionally, provide an Introduction for your quiz.
    • Type plain text or basic html directly into the field. Alternatively, click VETenrol Admin Pencil icon to open the Editor, where text can be entered and formatted, then click Apply and the resulting html will be inserted into the field.
    • The Default button inserts the standard introductory text for use.

      Note: The default text does not apply if Introduction is left blank, rather the LLN will not have an introduction.

  • Tick Multi-level question bulleting if you want to number sections instead of questions.

    A single question in a section will not be assigned a label, however those with multiple Questions will be assigned a), b), c), etc. If this option is not enabled each question will be numbered sequentially regardless of the section to which it belongs.

    For example: if you subsequently create a section with two questions:


    Section content

    1. Question
    2. Question
    1. Section content
      1. Question
      2. Question
  • Click the Save button.

The quiz will appear in the LLN Quizzes list:

VETenrol Admin page section

The new LLN Quiz does not have any content beyond the introduction provided (if not blank), and is ready to be populated.

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