Managing Quizzes

The LLN Quiz list table is available from the LLN Quizzes page and is only displayed when at least one quiz exists.

The LLN Quiz list table displays the existing LLN quizzes and allows management of the following:


  1. LLN Name
    The name of each LLN is a link that will populate the LLN Quiz section with the values set when the LLN was created and allow modification.
  2. Existing LLN settings and content.
    The Edit links allow modification.
  3. Preview the LLN as it will be displayed to students (branding elements not shown).
  4. Record removal
    The Delete link will permanently remove the LLN and any associated settings.

Choosing to modify an existing LLN, using the Edit links, will display the relevant list table with data that can be modified or deleted although in the case of Resources, only delete is available.


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