Site Settings: Courses

Courses is a section of the Site Settings page, which is available by choosing Settings > Site Settings from the menu.

The section, situated top left of the page, has settings that generally affect the available courses on the main screen and how they are displayed when selected.


The settings are:


Months to Show

VETenrol will display courses with an enrolment close date falling within the time frame specified in this field. Courses occurring beyond the number of months specified will not be shown.

For Example:



1 Month

3 Months (Default)


Categorise Programmes

This feature sorts programmes into categories as per the Programme Type set for the programme in VETtrak. It is intended to improve the customer experience when there are large quantities of available programmes.

For Example:




Show all Programmes

This setting toggles the display of courses without current occurrences. The primary function of this setting is to allow email enquiries for those courses.




Show all Occurrences

Enable this option to display inactive/closed occurrences for valid programmes. This will result in displaying every past occurrence that is still published for any programme that also has at least one occurrence published in the future with a start date falling within the time frame set by the Months to Show value.

For example:



This option can extend page load times significantly and should be used in combination with VETtrak’s Unpublish feature to manage occurrences.


Block Expired

Toggle this option to prevent registrations from being completed after the Start Date (or Close Date) for an occurrence.

This is especially applicable to registrations that have been Saved for Later but will also apply in cases where registrations have been left too long.

For example, A registration begun on the day of the close date, but not completed until after midnight (making it after the close date), will be caught by the Block Expired setting.



Enable Prior Enrol

Toggle this option to allow customers to register after the close date of an occurrence.

For example:


NOTE: For Enable Prior Enrol to work correctly 'Show all Occurrences' must be enabled and 'Show Close Dates' must be disabled.



The Enquiries set of options related to the two types of enquiries available.

Enable the Enable Occurrence Enquire buttons setting to include enquire buttons for each individual occurrence.




When clicked, the Enquire button opens the Enquiry Form.

Enquiries sent through this form are viewed from the Enquiries menu option. Email notification of the enquiry will also be sent.


Toggle the Enable enquiries on expired programmes setting to display the email enquiry form on courses without any current or future occurrences. This setting requires 'Show all programmes' to be enabled, additionally, there needs to be at least one old occurrence published (with a start and end date in the past) for the programme to be listed as an available course and subsequently show the enquiry or not.



Enquiries submitted for expired programmes are emailed directly to the address specified in General Settings (under Client Details). A record of the message is not stored by VETenrol.

The Push enquiries to VETtrak Waiter option will send the details to Web Enrolments in VETtrak, under Waitlist. There the client details can be matched and then the record approved for the Waiter.



Show shortcode instead of programme name adjusts both calendars to replace the full programme names with programme shortcodes instead. This will reduce clutter in the calendars for training organisations with long programme names.



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