Enquiries Overview

The Enquiries feature facilitates the collection of enquiry details from contact forms through VETenrol. Submitted enquiries are managed in the VETenrol Administration where a reply can be sent from an email template.


The VETenrol Enquiries feature is not a ticketing system. It does not capture replies to your email messages. Replies will be received into the email inbox for the address specified in the From field of the template that was sent out and will not be recorded in VETenrol.

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Enquiry Form Types

There are a number of enquiry forms available for use:

  1. Direct & Occurrence (Enquiry Form)
  2. Inactive Programmes (Course Enquiry)
  3. Stand-alone (Course Enquiry Widget)

Enquiry Form

1. Direct & Occurrence Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form

The standard VETenrol Enquiry Form can be linked to directly or triggered via the Enquire button on an occurrence.

Enquire buttons are displayed if the option Show Enquire button for Occurrences is enabled in the Occurrence Display section of the Course Display tab for Standard Settings, which is available via Configuration (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png)

See also: Standard Settings: Course Display - Occurrences

Inactive Programme Enquiry

2. Inactive Programme Course Enquiry Form

Course Enquiry

The form for inactive programmes will only be displayed if the option Enquiries for inactive programmes is enabled in the Programme Display section of the Course Display tab for Standard Settings, which is available via Configuration (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png).

See also: Standard Settings: Course Display - Programmes

3. Stand-alone Course Enquiry Widget

Course Enquiry Widget

This form is designed for an iFrame on your website. It is stand-alone because it doesn't use VETenrol session information.

See also: Course Enquiry Widget

Direct Links to Enquiry Forms

Links for sending to users or including on your website can be obtained from the Links page available from the Tools (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png) menu in the VETenrol Admin.

VETenrol Admin Links for enquiry forms

This screenshot has been edited to omit most of the links and to highlight the Enquiry Forms.

The Enquiry Form link is for the standard VETenrol Enquiry Form page. The Course Enquiry Widget provides the basic link to the stand-alone form intended for iFrames.

Enquiry Alerts


An automated alert for new enquiries can be enabled with the Email Alerts feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png) under VETenrol Admin Preferences.

The Email Alerts page has a section called Enquiries:

  • Enable the alert by ticking Receive new enquiry alerts.
  • Enter the email address for the person to receive the alert. Multiple addresses can be entered, but they must be separated with a semi-colon (;).
  • Click the Save button for the page.

Chat API


VETenrol can be integrated with Zendesk's Chat API, which will extend the Enquiries feature to also record enquiries through other channels such as the Live Chat.

Once the setup is complete, your Chat API key can be viewed in the Other APIs section of the Integration page, which is available via Configuration (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png).

Note: This is a legacy integration. It is still available but may no longer function as expected.

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