How to approve a Registration

Open your web browser and visit VETenrol Administration (httsp:// Identify the client’s registration in the list.

  1. Check for a valid payment status.
    For payments made by credit card, this will be Details Supplied. If payment is still pending, you may wish to contact the client.
    If a method other than Credit Card was chosen, then that Payment Method will be listed instead.
  2. Click the registration ID to open the Registration Details.


  1. Confirm the information in the Payment Details section.
    • For credit card payments, the successful payment is indicated by the status Details Supplied and this can be confirmed through records from your payment provider.
      If you suspect the user has paid and the payment status remains Pending Payment, click the Merchant Response link to attempt to fetch a response from the provider.
    • In the case of payment methods other than Credit Card, you will need to implement your own payment verification method to be completed at this point.
  2. Upon confirming payment has been received, click the Send payment details to VETtrak button. This will mark the associated Web Enrolment as paid in full.
    • For some payment methods, it may be preferable to skip this step and take care of obtaining payment separately or at a later date. For example, Invoice Me might be handled via third party accounting software.
    • This button will be missing or disabled if the payment information has already been sent to VETtrak. This is typical of registrations with a payment status of Details Supplied if credit card payment details are being automatically sent to VETtrak.
  3. Choose Approved from the Status drop-down menu.


The registration is now ready to be handled as an enrolment in VETtrak.


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