Registration Status

The list of Registrations show on successful login to the VETenrol Admin, or when choosing Registrations from the Activity menu. Status is one of the columns in the list of registrations, and is also available from the Registration Details for a registration.


Status is used for administrative purposes to indicate what stage has been reached in the process for handling the registration. Staff can select a Status for a registration from either Registrations or Registration Details.

The list of status choices staff will have access to is managed with the Registration Status feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png) under VETenrol Admin Preferences.


Note: Screenshot depicts a reduced list of statuses from what are actually available.

  • Click the link in the Active column for the applicable Status to toggle between Active and Inactive.

A status that is inactive is displayed with a line through the status name and the link.

There are also two required statuses that cannot be toggled:

  • Registration received  — Indicates that the registration is new (or the status has never been changed). New registrations appearing in the Admin are automatically assigned this status.
  • Approved — This status should be used to indicate a registration is complete, with no further tasks for staff regarding this registration.
    Choosing this status will close the registration on the Registrations page.


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