Understanding Registration Details

The Registration Details page displays the complete record for a single registration. All the data the individual participant has entered during the registration process is displayed on this page.

The Registration Details page may include additional sections depending on which registration settings are enabled. The following sections will be included at a minimum:

  • Registration Details
  • Client Details
  • Residential Address
  • Registration Status
  • Payment Details
  • Contact Diary
  • Supporting Documents
  • Terms & Conditions

Registration Details primarily acts as a record of information, however, there are some important features allowing user interaction:


  1. Registration ID and buttons.
    • Registration ID — Uniquely identifies the registration. May be supplied by a student enquiring about their registration or requested by VETtrak Support.
    • Print  —  opens your browser's print feature.
    • Cancel  —  permanently removes the registration from the Registrations list and excludes it from reports, although these can be recovered by Support if cancelled in error.
    • Mail Log — opens the record of emails sent by VETenrol for the registration.
  2. Re-send Notifications
    Use these links to send email notifications out to either the client or to staff. 
    • Participant will re-create and send the automated email that was originally sent to the user when the registration was completed. This can be used in cases where students have inadvertently deleted their original email.
    • RTO will re-create and send the automated email that was originally sent to the RTO. This can be used in cases where the original email has been deleted. This will not be available if the alert is disabled.
      Note: This will recreate the confirmation email based on the information displayed by Registration Details. Some data exists only at the time of registering and will not be available to populate certain placeholders.
  3. The Change Occurrence link — to choose a different programme/occurrence combination.
  4. The Web Enrol ID link — to check for the matching enrolment in VETtrak for manually processed web enrolments. Web Enrol ID will not be a link if an Enrolment ID has already been retrieved for the registration.
  5. The Client Details section — edit some client details and contact information.
    VETenrol will automatically highlight a client age that is under the age of 20 as a precaution to alert the RTO that further identity documentation or actions need to be taken should it be needed.
    This does not apply to clients whose residential address, or the occurrence they are registering to, are located in Queensland.
  6. Apply a Status to the registration with the drop-down box provided. Choosing Approved will apply the current date and close the registration on the Registrations page.
  7. Re-create Web Enrolment will resubmit the registration information to VETtrak creating a new Web Enrolment. This is suitable for enrolments that have failed to send due to technical issues or that have been mistakenly cancelled from the Web Enrolments screen.
  8. The Send payment details to VETtrak button — updates VETtrak with the client's payment information (providing the Web Enrolment has not yet been processed).
    • The button will be disabled once the details have been sent or if these details are being sent automatically.
  9. The Contact Diary maintains a basic history of activity for the registration. An entry may also be recorded manually using the Add Entry button.
  10. Supporting Documents allows related files obtained from external sources to be attached to the registration. Add a document using the Add File button. View comments and download existing files by clicking the filename link from the list.
    Note: There is a file size limit of 10mb per upload.


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