Custom Forms Settings

Custom Form Settings are provided for the Custom Forms feature. Settings can be accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the Custom Forms card. Also available are links to Create and Manage Custom Forms.

NOTE: The Custom Forms feature is a stand-alone service,  not tied to any VETenrol registration processes. Both VETenrol and VETembark provide interfaces for using this feature.



There are two sections to the page:

  1. Global Form Settings

    These settings affect the default fields on every Custom Form.

    • Disable collection of Name - removes the given and surname fields from forms.

    • Disable collection of Email Addresses - removes the email field from forms.

    • Disable File uploads - removes the optional file upload field from forms.

  2. Form Completion

    Customise the page displayed to users after they've submitted their form.

    • Completion Heading - main heading for the page.

    • Completion Text - content for the page. The field accepts plain text or html, which can be entered directly or alternatively open the editor by clicking the icon (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor).


An example of the Customs Form completion page:

VETenrol Admin Custom Form Settings Completion Example

Example depicts the system defaults.

VETenrol Custom Form Demo Complete



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