Client Data Completion Details

A list of submitted Data Completions can be viewed and managed by choosing Activity () and then Data Completions from the menu.

Clicking the name of a client in the list will display their Completion Details.


VETenrol cannot track Data Completions that are in progress or yet to be started. Only records where the client has fully completed and submitted the completion can be viewed.

The Completion Details page shows the full record for a single completion. All of the data entered during the enrolment completion process is displayed on this page including pre-existing data used to begin the completion process, such as name and date of birth.

The Completion Details page will include the following sections at a minimum:

  • Completion Details
  • Client Details
  • Terms Agreed To

It may also include address, contact and AVETMISS sections depending on the settings enabled at the time for the completion process.

Data Completion Details

  • The client can be emailed by clicking the email icon () next to their email address. This will provide access to mail templates of type Registration Responses for sending.


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