Accessing A VETtrak Hosted Version (Mac)

To access the VETtrak Hosted Environment on a Mac computer, you will need to go through a unique process, using a specific app as the launcher to do so.

This article will detail how to locate the required app and how to configure it for immediate use to start accessing your Hosted VETtrak version.

Please note that your client machine must support TLS 1.2 encryption.


Step 1: Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Within the Apple App Store, do a search for 'microsoft remote desktop'


You are looking for the following app:


This is an official Microsoft App, provided at no cost to allow people to access Windows based Hosted Environments, such as the one that VETtrak utilises.

Go through the required steps to install the app on your Mac computer.


Step 2: Configuring your VETtrak Hosting Settings

When you run the app, you will get a screen like the following - To get started, press the 'Add PC' button that appears:

Start by setting the PC name to

Under User Account, Click the Add User Account option to begin adding the user account that will be logging into hosting.

  • For the Username, the format must be OZSOFT\XXX001, where 'XXX' is your Organisation Code.
  • You can then enter your Hosting Password in the Password field.

If you do not have your Organisation Code and Password on hand, they can be located by logging in to the Support Centre for your company and following this process:

The Friendly Name can be used to display an optional connection alias. This can be set to anything but 'VETtrak' is probably the best indicator.

Your window should now look like this:


Press Add.


The next step involves configuring a Gateway. This is required for the Hosting Connection to work.

For this connection, select Add Gateway:

The gateway must be set to

You will then need to add a User for these gateway settings - Expand the User account option and select Add User Account:


Note: This is not the same User Account Name used above for the initial connection.


For the username, it must be set to OZSOFT\XXX, where 'XXX' is your Organisation Code.

You can then enter your existing Hosting Password in the Password field.


With this information saved, your details should now look as follows:


Once you press Add, it will appear as a saved connection in Microsoft Remote Desktop app:

Double-clicking this item will now log you into your VETtrak Hosting Environment.


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