Assigning Pricing and Inventory items

The Enrolment and Contract Wizards have a pricing page where you can set up the pricing items that are to be charged for that contract or enrolment. For enrolments only, you can select a funding model to automatically populate the pricing items grid and calculate the amounts. For contracts you need to enter each pricing item manually.

Note: If a Tuition Fee amount is to be reduced or waived in the Pricing Area due to a Concession/Fee Waiver, an alert will display on the right hand side:

Assigning a pricing item

Enrolment pricing can be set against three categories:

  1. Enrolment- amounts set against the entire enrolment
  2. Unit/module- amounts set against individual enrolled units
  3. Inventory- things that you sell such as tools, equipment etc

Contract pricing can be set against two categories:

  1. Contracts- amount set against the contract
  2. Inventory- things that you sell such as tools, equipment etc


Adding pricing and inventory items

To add a pricing item to an existing enrolment, you will need to navigate to the client who has an existing enrolment.

  • Right click any type of existing enrolment within the relevant node of the explorer tree (enrolments (non-contract), enrolments (occurrence), contracts) and choose ‘edit enrolment’
  • Locate the pricing page in the enrolment wizard:

  1. Select a Funding Model. (Optional - located in enrolments only) 
  2. If you have selected a Funding Model, click the Calc button. This will fill the grid with the Pricing Items attached to that Funding Model.
    For Tuition Fee-type Pricing Items, it will also calculate the fees according to the selected Funding Model and the Fee Exemption status set on the previous page.
    In Victoria and Queensland, this will also take the client's Indigenous Status into account.
  3. To manually add a new item, either:

    • Click on a heading (Enrolment / Unit / Inventory) and click the Add button, or
    • Right-click on a heading and select the item to add.
  4. You can manually add pricing items to:

    • The enrolment by clicking on the Enrolment heading.
    • All units by clicking on the Unit/Module heading.
    • An individual unit by clicking on the unit.
    • All VET Student Loan Units of Study by clicking on the Unit of Study heading.
    • A VET Student Loan Unit of Study by clicking on the Unit of Study.
    • You can also add inventory items by clicking on the Inventory heading.
  5. You can add any combination of pricing items that you wish, and the same pricing item can be added multiple times.

  6. If your list of pricing items is long, you can search here to filter the list. Alternatively, If you have a long list of units in the enrolment, you can use the Collapse all button to collapse / expand the list.

  7. Select a ledger code for each item. This will already be selected if you set a ledger code for the pricing item, but can be changed if necessary.

  8. Select a merge template to determine how this item will appear on an invoice.

  9. If a surcharge has been entered for this Pricing Item, tick this box to apply it.
  10. If GST is to be charged on an item, click this button to calculate the GST.
  11. Enter the amount. The amount should include any GST, if applicable.

  12. The circle in the status column indicates whether an item has been invoiced or scheduled to be invoiced. Orange has been scheduled for invoicing, and blue has been invoiced. Click on the circle to see the colour key:

NOTE: Depending on your state, there may be unique rules and requirements:

  • Queensland and Victoria must include a pricing item to represent the Tuition Fee.
  • Western Australia must include pricing items to represent the Tuition Fee, Resource Fee and Loan Liability.
  • Victoria specific- if setting fees at an enrolment level, VETtrak will automatically split the tuition fee per nominal hour and the ‘other’ fees per unit/module as per state reporting requirements.

Government contributions

Government contributions can be useful for tracking and reporting on expected payments from the State or Federal Government. This function allows for you to record the total value of an enrolment. To add pricing item:   

  • Locate the pricing page in the enrolment wizard
  • Add the Government contribution pricing item


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