Eligibility Links

Eligibility Links displays the resulting links saved using the Eligibility Builder. It provides access to the links created by users with full administrative privileges for users with limited access that are not able to use the Eligibility Builder.

The Eligibility Links page is available from the Tools (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png) menu in the VETenrol Admin for users with the Registrations Only role.

VETenrol Admin Eligibility Links page

The key elements are:

  • The VETenrol Admin icon for preview Name link allows for the saved eligibility link to be opened and viewed in the browser.
  • URL shows the link source as text, which can be manually copied.
  • The VETenrol Admin icon for copy copy link for the URL, which places the link on the clipboard so it can be pasted into an email, browser address bar, etc.

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