Cancelling a Registration in VETenrol

There are some instances where it may be necessary to cancel a registration:

  • The registration was placed as a test or contains obviously fake information.
    • May contain contact information, or a note from the Team identifying the registration as a test.
    • A staff member in your organisation needed to experience the registration process.
    • Most fields contain nonsense, random letters, or similar.
  • A duplicate or multiple duplicates of the registration exists.
    • A client has made multiple attempts to register, perhaps due to a submission error, misuse of the Save for Later feature, or backing out of the payment step in order to choose a different payment method.
  • The client wants to cancel the registration or has failed to pay.
    • The customer has called or emailed to cancel.
    • The Payment Status of the registration is Pending Payment and has been for over 48 hours, or the client has not responded to follow-up emails. 


Cancellation should be completed prior to the end of the month when it was received if the registration is to be excluded from billing.

Cancellations are performed as follows:

  1. Identify the registration in the list and click the ID link to display the Registration Details page.

  1. Click the Cancel button.
  2. Click the OK button to confirm the cancellation.

After a moment the Registrations page will display and the registration will no longer be in the list.


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