Viewing Eligibility Answers (via Registration Details)

In cases where a user completes an Eligibility Form and then continues on to successfully register for a course, the eligibility details are also recorded as part of their registration. The outcome and the responses to the questions posed by the Eligibility Calculator will be available via Registrations from the Activity (Activity Icon) menu.

  • View the Registration Details by clicking the ID for a registration.


  • If an eligibility form was completed prior to registration, the Eligibility Outcome will be identified in the Registration Details section.

Scroll down the Registration Details page to view the individual answers.


The Eligibility Steps section shows the questions and answers in the order presented to the user.

There will still be an eligibility record listed via Eligibilities in the Activity menu. The Registration ID will also be recorded automatically in the Office Use section of the Eligibility Details page.

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