Step Exclusions

The Step Exclusions feature is used to omit registration steps that are globally set to be included for the registration process. Steps can be excluded from the standard registration process for groups of programmes, occurrences of a single programme or for a specific occurrence. When an exclusion is applied, the excluded step will not appear during the registration process for the user.


You may need to collect AVETMISS data for some of your courses, but you also offer non-accredited short courses where those details are not required. Step Exclusions can be set so that if a user registers for a non-accredited course they are not providing all of the unnecessary data and the registration process will not be as long.

Exclusions Configuration Card The interface for the feature is provided in the VETenrol Admin and accessed via Configuration () using the link under Exclusions.

This article covers Step Exclusions in the VETenrol Admin, including:

Step Exclusions in the VETenrol Admin

Open the Step Exclusions page in the VETenrol Admin from Configuration () via the Step Exclusions link under  the Exclusions heading.

  • The New button — Opens a pop-up to create a new exclusion.
  • The Display Exclusions button — Navigates to the Exclusion feature, which is used to omit programmes, occurrences or specific prices from view.
  • The Exclusion List — Displays the existing exclusion records and allows them to be managed. The list will not appear until there is at least one exclusion, rather a link to create a new exclusion will show in its place.

Creating A Step Exclusion

To Create a new exclusion, click the New button on the Step Exclusions page. This will open the Step Exclusion pop-up.

  1. Select the Exclusion Type.
    There are three to choose from:
    • Programme Type — For a group of courses.
      This will apply the exclusion to occurrences for any programme with the same programme type set in VETtrak. This is the best option to quickly apply an exclusion for many similar or related courses.
    • Programme — For a single course.
      This will apply the exclusion for all occurrences of a single programme. Use this option for a course that has its own unique requirements.
    • Occurrence — For a single occurrence of a course.
      Use this option for an occurrence that needs to be treated differently to other occurrences of the same programme, such as an employer booking used for registering employees of a corporate client into pre-paid training.
  2. Enter the Programme Type, Programme Name or Occurrence ID as determined by the chosen type.
    The value entered into the field should match the required type exactly as it appears in your VETtrak. These details can also be found and copied from the API Summary report available in the VETenrol Admin. 
  3. Tick the Steps to Exclude.
    Enable the checkboxes for each of the Steps to be excluded.
  4. Click the Save button.

The newly created exclusion will be added into the Exclusion list, displaying the Type and the number of excluded Steps for the entry.

Managing Exclusions

The Exclusion list displays an entry for each existing exclusion and allows for the management of those exclusions.

Exclusion List

Exclusions in the list can be:

  • Modified by clicking the Exclusion name with the Edit icon.
    This will open the Step Exclusion pop-up prefilled with the exclusion details for editing.
  • Permanently removed from the list by clicking the corresponding Xdelete link.
    A deleted exclusion cannot be restored, it will need to be re-created if it has been deleted in error.


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