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Site Resources provides online storage for files for use with VETenrol. It is accessed from the Tools menu (VETenrol Admin Icon Tools).

The resources can be used in the VETenrol Admin for any customisable content that accepts HTML to present to users (ie. fields with Editor support VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Editor.png ).

Examples include Welcome Text, Agreements, LLNs, and within Email Templates. Additionally, resources can also be used in VETtrak for Programme and Occurrence Descriptions.


There is a file size limit of 10mb per upload. Choosing a file larger than allowed will result in an 'unepxected error'.

VETenrol Admin Tools Menu Site Resources

VETenrol Admin Site Resources

The page offers the following features:

  • File Upload
    • Browse — Click Choose file or the browse button to locate a file on your computer to upload.
    • Upload — After a file has been selected, click the upload button to transfer the file to our VETenrol servers.
  • Resource List
    At least one file must be uploaded for the list to display.
    • The URL field provides the link to the file:
      • Triple-click in the URL field to select the link text, or click and drag across the text.
      • Right-click the highlighted text (or hold down CTRL and tap C on your keyboard) and choose Copy from the menu.
      • The copied link can now be pasted into another area of VETenrol.
    • Click the VETenrol Admin Icon Deletedelete link to permanently remove a file.


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