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Messages are able to be displayed to users visiting VETenrol, and these are created and managed in the VETenrol Admin using the Site Messages feature.


Messages will display for almost all VETenrol pages, including Custom Forms. However, the feature does not extend to:

The positioning of the messages is controlled by the branding for the account. Typical locations are to the right of the company logo, or beneath the page heading text.

Messages will be displayed by a user until that user closes the message. Users will continue to see messages that fall within the time period for viewing each time they visit unless they close the message(s).

Once a user has closed a message it generally will not show for that user again, however, exceptions may occur when a significant time has passed between visits.

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Accessing Site Messages

The feature is accessed from the Tools menu (VETenrol Admin Icon Tools), which will open the page where messages can be created and managed.

VETenrol Admin Tools Menu Site Messages

VETenrol Admin Site Messages

The page offers the following features:

  • Heading area
    • Click the New button to create a new message.
  • Message List
    At least one message must exist for the list to display.
    • Click the Edit link (VETenrol Admin Icon Edit with a number) in the ID column to make changes to an existing message.
    • Click the VETenrol Admin Icon Delete delete link to permanently remove a message.


Creating a message

The New button opens a pop-up to create a message:
VETenrol Admin Site Messages New

  1. Select the Start Date for the message.
  2. Select the End Date for the message.
  3. Enter the Message.
    Note that only plain text is supported.
  4. Enter a Link if you want to include a link to a webpage. It will be inserted as Read more at the end of the message.
  5. Click the Save button.

Editing a message

Click the Edit link (VETenrol Admin Icon Edit with a number) for the message you want to edit. This will open the details of the message in the pop-up.

Any or all of the message details can be changed as required. For example, you may like to repurpose an older message that is no longer in use by editing and updating it to something completely new.

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