Handling a Group Booking Registration in VETenrol Admin

The Group Booking feature allows an employer to register a number of their employees for a course. In the case where a group booking is received:

  • The name of the company will be listed in the Name column.
  • Group Booking will be indicated in the Registration Type column.

Clicking the registration's ID will open the Registration Details page:

  • The Booking Details section will list the participant information provided at the Places step if these were provided during registration.


Providing place details to match the number of reservations is not forced. It may be necessary to contact the employer to discuss their registration.

The registrations are received into VETtrak's Web Enrolments as with standard registration.

  • The occurrence is expanded to reveal a new tab titled Employer web enrolments.
  • The registration is expanded to reveal the individual participants.
  • The Employer should be matched first, then each participant.

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