VIC: Tuition Fee Reporting

The reporting of student Tuition Fees is mandatory in Victoria.  You are required to report your hourly rate for all SVTS reported enrolments. 

People who are eligible for student tuition fee concession rates are charged at 20% of the standard rate.  All units within an enrolment are reported at the same rate.  Note: that VETtrak will automatically zero the rate for Recognition of Current Competency and Credit Transfer units. 

This reporting is not applicable to non-funded (fee for service) enrolments (those without a Purchasing Contract set).

This article describes the steps you need to take in VETtrak in order to report these fees correctly.

Adding/Editing Your Fee Exemptions

In the Configuration Manager, expand the Fee Exemptions heading, and expand Victoria. Within here you can check that the details for your existing Fee Exemptions are correct, or opt to create a new Fee Exemption should you need.

  • To Add a Fee Exemption, right click the State name and select Add new fee exemption:

  • To Edit an existing Fee Exemption, right click the fee exemption in the list and select Edit fee Exemption:

When Editing/Adding a Fee Exemption, you can select from the Tuition fee calculation method dropdown to indicate whether people with that fee exemption will be charged the full amount, a reduced concession amount or have the fee waived entirely:


A Fee Exemption with the Tuition fee calculation method set as Fee Waiver for the calculation method will only be selectable as a Fee Waiver in the VIC Enrolment Wizard.

In VIC and QLD, if the enrolled client has an indigenous status of “Aboriginal”, “Torres Strait Islander” or “Aboriginal AND Torres Strait Islander” recorded in the Client Personal Wizard a tuition fee amount will automatically be reduced to the concession amount.

Selecting Enrolment Fee Concessions / Fee Waivers

For Victorian enrolments, you are required to select a concession on the VIC State Enrolment Details page via the Fee Concession dropdown menu:

If no concession is present for this student enrolment, select the "Z - None" option to indicate this.

You may also optionally select a Fee Waiver to communicate that the fee was waived in full, and for what reason:


If a Fee Waiver is selected, the Tuition Fee amount will be set to zero upon calculation.

Within your AVETMISS files, the single character code of your Fee Concession and your Fee Waiver (if applicable) will be combined and reported as your Fee Exemption value, like so:

Set Up Your Funding Models

Next you need to create some funding models, that you will be able to apply to your enrolments so the correct tuition fee is reported.  You can have several funding models for any particular qualification, and one is set as the default.

You can add your funding models in the Configuration Manager under the Funding models node.


  1. Enter a name that will be easy to recognise when selecting a funding model in the Enrolment Wizard.
  2. Optionally, give the funding model a code.
  3. Select the qualification that this funding model applies to. (This is optional - If you select a qualification here, this funding model will only be able to be used for enrolments in that qualification. If you do not select a qualification, the funding model can be used for any enrolment.)
  4. Click the Item button to add a new pricing item. Your funding model should contain the Tuition Fee at minimum. You can optionally add any other items that you charge for as well.
  5. Click the Date button to add information for a new period. Fee items entered against a particular date will be calculated based off the date of the Enrolment/Unit dates matching the period within this wizard.
  6. Choose which calculation method should be used for this item. By default, the Tuition Fee should be $ / Unit hour. Other fees you charge can be $ / Unit or $ / Enrolment.
  7. Enter the Date that this fee information is valid from. This will be calculated based off the date of the Enrolment/Unit dates matching the period within this wizard.
  8. Enter the full price and concession amounts that you are charging in each period.


    If no concession amount applies, enter the full dollar amount within the concession field to communicate no change to the costing.

  9. If GST applies to an item, tick the GST box. The GST amount will be calculated when the item is added to the enrolment.


  • If you always charge the same Tuition Fee for a particular qualification, you will only have to set up one Funding Model and this will be the default. 
  • If you have a situation where you have different Tuition Fee setups for the same qualification then you will have more than one Funding Model for that qualification.  Set the most common one as the default and then remember to edit the enrolments that use the other Funding Model/s and change them to the correct one.

Set the Funding Model in Enrolments

When setting up your enrolments, make sure you select the correct Funding Model on the pricing page of the Enrolment Wizard:

You can then press the Calc button to populate the Amount column based off the Enrolment and Funding Model information.

The calculated amount will be applied based off the Fee Exemption and the Aboriginal Status of the client.

Record the Reported Tuition Fees

There is an option in the Victorian Generate State AVETMISS Wizard to allow you to save the reported Tuition Fee against each enrolled unit. This is recommended, and is useful for internal reporting purposes.

As setting the tuition fees can increase the time that it takes to generate your AVETMISS files, it is recommended that you first click through to the next page without ticking the Update tuition fees box. You can then ensure there are no errors in the AVETMISS files without having to wait for the Tuition Fees to be set in all the enrolments. Once all errors have been corrected, you can then return to the first page of the wizard and generate the files again with the Update tuition fees box ticked.

Viewing the Reported Tuition Fees

Once you have set the reported tuition fees, they can be viewed in the AVETMISS Values Wizard for each enrolment. To see this information, right-click on the enrolment and select Edit AVETMISS values. Then scroll to the far right-hand side of the wizard to see the fees in the final column.

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