QR Coded Awards

Your awards within VETtrak can be updated by completing a Custom Report Request, or via Self-Service Reports Version 1502 (VETtrak version and above), to include a QR Code for the Award Verification Service.

The QR Code contains the information to automatically verify the award without requiring the user to enter any details. Users will need a suitable App to read the QR Code on their device.

When creating or editing an existing Self-Service Report, the QR Code for VETenrol is available as a report element and can be placed onto the report.


From the list of Report elements:

  • Expand QR Code.
  • Select the VETenrol Verified QR Code element.


From the Options:

  • Tick the Visible checkbox.
  • Choose a Size and Position suitable for the chosen report.
  • Click Apply changes.
  • Save the report.

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