VETtrak 23.1 Release Notes - 18/01/2023 (updated 24/03/2023)


VETtrak Desktop

VETtrak Version - released Mar 24, 2023


  • NSW Provider Calculator Importer. An issue when importing a NSW Provider Calculator entry for an enrolment that does not have NSW data has been fixed.


  • Slow load and validate. An issue that could cause processing to be very slow when searching through large data sets has been resolved.

  • Custom field fixed values. An issue using custom fields as fixed values in the importers has been fixed.


  • Creating bulk enrolments. Progress messages have been added when creating multiple enrolments to prevent VETtrak from appearing unresponsive.

  • Duplicating Canvas LMS occurrence. An issue where duplicating a Canvas-linked occurrence caused the new duplicate to appear to be linked to Canvas has been resolved.

  • Recalculate enrolment pricing. An option has been added to the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing Wizard to allow searching for enrolments by occurrence(s). Some occurrence details have been added to the grid in the wizard, and you can now right-click the Enrolments node for an occurrence in the Programme Manager to open the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing wizard for that occurrence.

  • Recalculate enrolment pricing in Data Insights. A new Data Insights action for the client enrolments context has been added to recalculate pricing.

Custom reports manager

  • Current folder. An issue causing the Current folder path to not synchronise with the selected directory in the Folder tree and Report files has been resolved.

  • Error on opening. A possible fix for an error occurring when opening the Custom Report Manager has been implemented.

Other changes

  • Programme manager performance. An issue causing poor performance of the Gantt view in the Programme Manager when there is a large number of occurrences has been fixed.

VETtrak Version - released Mar 01, 2023


  • Access violation error. If building a layout without loading it from a file, attempting to load and validate the import file would result in an access violation error. This has now been fixed.

  • Custom fields format error. An issue causing a 'format error' when importing custom fields has been fixed.

  • Duplicate data mappings. In the Data mappings form, small changes have been made to warning messages for duplicate mappings to better address some scenarios.

Programme Manager Gantt chart

  • Bar colours. The Gantt chart now draws the occurrence colours when a programme is collapsed, and the colours are now shown at 100% opacity.

  • Expand/collapse all. New Expand All and Collapse All buttons have been added to the Gantt chart.

  • Default start date. The start date of Gantt chart now focuses on the selected From Date rather than the start date of the first item.

  • Printing. The behaviour of the Print button in the Programme Manager has been modified to capture more Gantt chart detail.

Client Wizard

  • Image pasting. An issue which occurred when pasting client images from clipboard into the Client Personal wizard, when the content has been copied from paint or snipping tool, has been fixed.

  • Image resizing. An Issue resizing client images larger than 300x500, where the aspect ratio was not retained, has been fixed.

LMS Changes

  • Transferring existing trainers to Ready Skills. An issue with pushing enrolments to Ready Skills if a trainer already exists in Ready Skills, but VETtrak is unaware of that, has been fixed.

  • Ready LMS completions. An issue where Ready LMS is showing a student as having completed an activity but VETtrak isn't recognising this as complete due to the last attempt of the activity having been failed, has been fixed. VETtrak will now use the result of the “combined” attempt that has been calculated for the activity.

Other Changes

  • VIC AVETMISS tuition fee. The "Cannot find any per unit or per enrolment pricing item entries for the type (Tuition)" error has been removed from the VIC AVETMISS generation to avoid having to specify a tuition fee for every unit.

  • TCSI disabilities for new students. The TCSI error "The Disability Effective To Date (E610) is before the Disability Effective From Date (E609)" (10590) that can occur when transferring a new student to TCSI that has deleted disabilities in VETtrak has been fixed.

  • Award Register Wizard sorting. An issue sorting by Complete Date in the Award Register wizard has been fixed. Note that old records from 2017 or earlier have just a completion year, not the full date, so to allow this date sorting to work correctly, the Award Register will now show these old completions with a Complete Date of the 01/01 of the completion year.

  • Custom Report Manager. An issue causing the current folder to be synchronised across multiple Custom Report manager tabs has been resolved.

VETtrak Version - released Jan 18, 2023


  • Unit pricing calculations for credit transfers. When calculating unit-level pricing from a funding model, if the unit has a Credit Transfer result, and the pricing item type is Tuition/Course Fee, Resource Fee, Loan Liability or Government Contribution, the price will now be calculated as $0. Previously this rule only applied to Tuition/Course fees.

  • Victoria

    • Fee exemption changes. Fee exemptions codes G (VCE Scholarship), J (Job Seeker concession cardholder), K (Job Seeker without concession card) and M (Prisoner) have been archived. Fee exemption code A (Asylum Seeker) now applies concession amounts.

    • Archive funding sources. The following state funding source codes have been archived:  JSP, 02P, HPL, JFL, JFP, JVL, JVP, RCL, RCP, SCL, SCP, AC1, ACL, AEL, AEP.

    • Tuition fee reporting. Calculation of tuition fees reported in AVETMISS in the NAT120 for VIC AVETMISS has been improved. Previously, the average tuition fee per hour rate would be reported for each fee-applicable unit in the enrolment. VETtrak will now report a tuition fee hourly rate calculated from the enrolment's total tuition fees divided by the total of applicable unit hours in the enrolment (excluding credit transfer, RCC, fee waiver, practical placement or non-state reportable units), plus the unit's total tuition fees divided by the unit's hours.

    • Commencing Program Cohort Identifier. The Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers entered in the Enrolment wizard will now be reported in the NAT130 file in VIC AVETMISS from 2023. If the field is left empty (which is the default), “No specific cohort” (NNNNNN) will be reported. Tick “Not stated” on the field if you wish to report it as “Not stated” (@@@@@@).

  • NSW

    • New Fee waiver codes. The following Fee Waiver codes are now available:

      • W421: North Coast flood relief

      • W441: School holiday hospitality training for school students 16 years and over

      • W461: NSW Fee Free – General

      • W462: NSW Fee Free – NSW Veterans

      • W463: NSW Fee Free – NSW Veterans-Recognised Partners

    • Ineligibility reason. A new field "Ineligibility Reason" has been added to the NSW Provider Calculator Importer and the NSW state page in the Enrolment wizard, allowing the reason why an enrolment is not eligible for Smart and Skilled to be recorded.

    • Contract wizard. The "STA Client No" field now disabled on Contract wizard in NSW, since it is not used.

    • Completion payments. When the NSW Payment Importer wizard imports a payment that has the word “completion” in the Payment Instalment column, VETtrak will now automatically turn on the Complete tickbox for that enrolment, in the NSW state page in the Enrolment wizard.

  • eCAF

    • eCAF middle name. When creating an enrolment in the eCAF system, the client’s given name and middle name are now transferred in separate fields.

  • USI

    • Drivers licence card numbers. In the Identity Document wizard for drivers licence, the Card Number is now mandatory for all Australian states and territories.


  • Custom field mapping. It is now possible to configure custom data mapping in the new Importers. This allows you to map field values from your import files to the field values that VETtrak requires for the field.


  • Password health check. When logging in without two factor authentication, VETtrak will now check your password against a list of known passwords provided by that have been exposed in data breaches. A message will appear if your password was found in a past data breach - since hackers often use these passwords in brute force dictionary attacks on other sites and applications, it is recommended to change your password. The same check will occur for your new password in the Change Password wizard.

  • Proxy bypass. A new "Bypass proxy for host names" setting has been added to Proxy Server preferences in Global Preferences. If you have a proxy server configured, this allows you to list host names for requests that should not be sent via the proxy server.

  • Proxy invalid URL. Fixed an issue that caused an "Invalid URL" error to be shown when using VIC VSN web services, the VETtrak API, or sending SMS, when a proxy server is configured with a host name that (correctly) does not start with http.

  • TLS 1.2. Use of TLS 1.2 is now enforced when calling VIC VSN and SMS sending web services.

  • Allow occurrence enrolment transfers. In the Security Manager, a new security entity has been added to control the availability of the “Transfer enrolment…” menu option for an occurrence enrolment.

UI Enhancements

  • New Programme Manager Gantt view. The Gantt view in the Programme Manager has been overhauled and modernised. Features include:

    • New look and feel:

      • Green vertical indicator for the current date.

      • Black vertical indicators for the selected Gantt date range.

    • Additional timescale options: Days, Weeks, Thirds of months, Months, Quarters, Half years, and Years.

    • Improved navigation:

      • Zoom - Three levels of zoom per timescale which can be traversed via the zoom in/out buttons or holding CTRL + Mouse wheel.

      • Scrolling

        • Scroll vertically or horizontally with the visual scrollbars or mouse wheel. Hold SHIFT to horizontally scroll with the mouse wheel.

        • Middle mouse click to scroll with the cursor.

        • Right-click Scroll to start menu item has been added to quickly navigate the Gantt chart to the start of the selected record.

    • Double-click anywhere on an expandable row to toggle its expanded state.


  • Programme Manager occurrence list columns. New columns for "Organisation" and "Division" are now available in the occurrence list view in the Programme Manager.

  • Client Manager enrolment list columns. New columns for "Organisation" and "Division" are now available in the enrolments list view in the Client Manager.

  • Custom Report manager. The file browser components in the Custom Report manager have been upgraded to newer versions. This should reduce the flickering when refreshing.

  • Repeat task configuration. When configuring tasks you may optionally repeat the task addition at the end of task wizard.

Data Insights

  • Delta student number. The “Delta student number” field in the Client table has been renamed to "STA client number".

  • Client event ID. The "ID" field has been added to Client Events. This makes it possible to use this field as a matching field in the Client Event importer to update existing client events.

Web portals

    • Client event notification. The ability to configure a portal notification to be sent to the client in the Student Portal when a client event has been created within VETtrak desktop has been added.

    • Notification templates. Notification templates are now editable on the portal preferences "Templates" tab. See article Notifications in the web portals for further details.

    • LMS result notifications. Student Portal notifications are no longer sent when unit or task results are downloaded from an LMS.

LMS related

  • Ready LMS. References to “aNewSpring LMS” now branded as "Ready LMS".

  • Choose occurrences to download results for. A new option to search for a set of occurrences to download results for has been added to the Moodle, Ready LMS (aNewSpring) and Canvas Transfer Results from LMS wizards.

  • Notification. Student task and unit result updates via LMS import no longer generate student portal notification.

Performance improvements

  • WA Enrolment Export. Performance of the WA Enrolment Export wizard has been improved.

  • Division drop-downs. Performance of loading Division drop-downs when the "Use tree when selecting divisions" preference is turned off and your database contains a large number of divisions, has been improved.


  • Autoupdater. An issue causing the in-application minor version updater (Autoupdater) to not extract the updated files has been fixed.

  • A2E assessment emails. An issue causing the Email function to not work for A2E Assessments has been fixed.

  • Receipt and Invoice Setup. An issue in the Receipt and Invoice Setup wizard that could prevent a template that has been loaded using the Open button from being saved has been fixed.

  • VSL course outcome. An error that occurs when clearing the Course outcome (599) field in the VET Student Loans Client Course of Study Profile wizard has been fixed.

  • Custom field lengths. Maximum lengths of the Name and Code fields on the Custom Field wizard are now restricted to prevent database errors from occurring when saving fields that are too long.


Public SOAP API - released Jan 18, 2023

  • No breaking changes.
  • Fixed an error in TriggerPortalPasswordReset when the portal requires TLS 1.2. 

Trainer portal

Trainer Portal Version - released Jan 18, 2023

File Download

  • [Cloud storage only] Changed download files to use presigned URL's to increase download performance.  The URL link will expire after 30 minutes.

My Courses

  • View Result Summary, View Task Summary and View Attendance Summary pages are now sorted in Surname, Given name order.

Enrolment Details modal

  • Addition of enrolment type and contract type added to the “View details” modal for an enrolment.

Client event

  • A student portal notification is generated when trainer assigns a client event to a student.


  • New User Settings section to profile - allowing update of default SMS sender name.

Email merge templates

  • Additional merge contexts are now available when emailing students.
  • Occurrence class and Occurrence enrolment context now used for emailing from class and course pages respectively.

SMS Modal

  • SMS sender name (User setting) is used as the default value for the From sender text rather than the trainers mobile number.

Student portal

Student Portal Version - released Jan 18, 2023

File Download

  • [Cloud storage only] Changed download files to use presigned URL's to increase download performance.  The URL link will expire after 30 minutes.

VTDocs portal

VTDocs Portal Version - released Jan 18, 2023

File Download

  • [Cloud storage only] Changed download files to use presigned URL's to increase download performance.  The URL link will expire after 30 minutes.

Progress portal

Progress Portal Version - released Jan 18, 2023


VETembark Version - released Jan 18, 2023


  • Added default work item types for open forms
  • Updated form componentry

Bug fixes

  • HTML editor conflicting with Grammerly plug in.
  • Validation improvements.
  • minor CSS corrections.

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