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The Referral Redirect feature is used to change the url that users are directed to on completion of their registration. The default redirect is only applied when the user clicks the Close button at their Registration Confirmation, however the auto-redirect can bypass this page straight to the redirect url. The Referral Redirect expands this capability to allow use of multiple URLs that determine the redirect based on the referral source users chose during registration or was included in their VETenrol link.

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Standard SettingsThe interface to manage Referral Redirects is provided in the VETenrol Admin via Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon for Config) using the link under Standard Settings or Rapid Registrations.

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Feature Requirements

  • A default URL must be entered in the Redirection section of the Standard Settings.
  • At least one referral source redirect must exist, or all registrations will redirect to the default URL.
  • The Referral Source question must be included in the Standard or Rapid registration process, and/or the Hidden Referral Source option(s) enabled for your account.
    NOTE: This will not prevent the redirect from working, however it will prevent VETenrol from collecting the referral source for the Registration Details. Additionally, the Referral Redirect option will not show in the Registration Builder without the Collect option for Standard enabled.

Hidden Referral Sources can be enabled for your VETenrol account by Support, for Standard, Rapid or both. This hides the Referral Source question from users (preventing them from making changes). The referral source is indicated via the hidReferralSource parameter or hidReferralSourceByText in the VETenrol link.

Referral Redirects in the VETenrol Admin

Open the Referral Redirects page in the VETenrol Admin via the link in Configuration.

  • The New button - opens a pop-up to create a new referral redirect.
  • The redirect list - displays the existing referral redirect records and allows them to be managed. The list will not appear until there is at least one record.

Creating a Referral Redirect

To create a new record, click the New button to open the Redirect pop-up:

  • Select a Referral Source from the drop-down list of sources obtained from VETtrak.
    OR You can manually enter the Referral Source ID and a Friendly name for the redirect.
  • Enter Redirect URL. This is the web link where users selecting the indicated referral source will be redirected.
    NOTE: VETenrol cannot validate your link! Please ensure the link you provide works.
  • Click the Save button.

The newly created redirect will be added to the list.

Managing Referral Source Redirects

Once an entry has been created, the list allows the records to be managed.

VETenrol Admin List

  • Modify a record by clicking the ID number with the  icon. This will open the Redirect pop-up prefilled with the details for editing.
  • Permanently remove a record from the list by clicking the corresponding delete link. A deleted record cannot be restored, it will need to be re-created if it has been deleted in error.

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