The Standard Settings page

Standard Settings relate to appearance and functionality for the standard VETenrol pages. They deal mostly with aspects of the VETenrol Main page, but also cover the standard registration process and the VETenrol site in general.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Card Award Verification Standard Settings can be accessed from the Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) page in the VETenrol Admin.

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Understanding the Standard Settings page

VETenrol Admin Standard Settings page

Key aspects of the Payment Settings page:

  • Save
    This button commits any changes to the settings. It appears to the right of the navigation area and at the bottom of the page. Saving will keep changes to settings made across tabs.
  • Setting Categories
    There are four tabs relating to areas of VETenrol:
    • Site Features — options to customise VETenrol behaviour.
    • Course Display — options for the VETenrol main page (and Schedule).
    • Text & Labels — customise general headings and text for VETenrol.
    • Error Pages — customise text for users encountering issues.

Site Features

This category applies to VETenrol in general. The options are further divided into sections:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Breadcrumbs
  3. Redirection
  4. Custom Footer


This section contains options that aim for a more user friendly experience in certain circumstances.

VETenrol Admin Standard Settings Compatibility section

Break out of iFrame to register

Enable this option to indicate your website is linking to VETenrol using an iFrame or similar frame element.

The option separates the registration process out of the iFrame so that it will open in a new browser tab.

This setting can help with cross-platform browser compatibility. Circumstances in which this setting remains relevant are:

  • Where difficulties occur displaying the credit card payment step in the iFrame.
  • The preference is to have the registration separate from course viewing/selection.
  • To gain some performance improvements for the user.

Block registration completion on expiry

Toggle this option to prevent registrations from being completed after the Start Date (or Close Date) for an occurrence.

This is especially applicable to registrations that have been Saved for Later but will also apply in cases where registrations have been left too long.

For example, A registration begun on the day of the close date, but not completed until after midnight (making it after the close date), will be caught by the Block Expired setting.

BlockExpired.png User experience of the Block Expired setting

Disable mobile/email masking

This option hides or shows the masking effect for mobile and email address fields in the registration process.

VETenrol contact details step

Disabled ( unticked box )

VETenrol contact details step

Enabled ( ticked box )

Note: The mask shows when the field has focus (Mobile field in the screenshot), or while the mouse is hovering over a field. The email fields are all displayed in the hover state for the purpose of the screenshot.

Show short code instead of programme name

This setting adjusts both calendars to replace the full programme name with programme shortcodes instead. This will reduce clutter in the calendars for training organisations with long programme names.


This section relates to the breadcrumb style navigation available in VETenrol for users.

VETenrol Admin Standard Settings Breadcrumbs section

Show breadcrumbs

Toggle this option to enable or disable the breadcrumbs displayed by VETenrol.

Example of VETenrol user experience without breadcrumbs

Disabled ( unticked box )

Example of VETenrol user experience with breadcrumbs

Enabled ( ticked box default)

Courses Link

Enter a URL here to control the destination of the Courses breadcrumb link. The default is for this to return to the VETenrol Main Page.

Example of Courses breadcrumb in VETenrol

NOTE: Relevant only if Show Breadcrumbs is enabled.


This section applies to behaviour of the Registration Confirmation (receipt page) on close.

VETenrol Admin Standard Settings Redirection section

  • URL
    This is the address of the website where users will be directed if they click the Close button on the page after completing the standard registration process.
    This applies to the on-page button called Close an not the browser's close button.
  • Bypass confirmation page direct to URL on completion
    This option will cause the Registration Confirmation (receipt page) to be bypassed, taking users straight to the website specified in the URL field.

Custom Footer

This section is for replacing the default footer text with customised content.

VETenrol Admin section

Type plain text or html directly into the field. Alternatively, click VETenrol Admin Pencil icon to open the Editor, where text can be entered and formatted, then click Apply and the resulting html will be inserted into the field. Click Save to commit the changes.

VETenrol Admin Custom Footer with Plain Text

Customised footer text set in the Admin


Default footer text (Demo branding)


Customised footer text (Demo branding)


For fuller control of your VETenrol footer content, ask for the contact details included by default to be removed in your branding!

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