Total VET Activity Reporting (National AVETMISS) Overview

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All RTOs must collect a range of data from their students and report all their delivery activity (known as Total VET activity) to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), at least annually.

This will require a specific generation process be completed from your VETtrak software, detailed in the video below and within this Help Centre article.


What do I need to collect and report on?

You must collect AVETMISS-compliant records for all students, and all competency enrolments delivered and outcomes achieved throughout the calendar year.

Early in the following year (February), you must report this data to NCVER unless you have previously done so through existing contractual arrangements - effectively, all of your State Reported data will be forwarded to NCVER on your behalf, and any remaining Nationally Reported data will need to be captured and submitted via a National AVETMISS Generation to the NCVER AVETMISS Validation Software website.


What do I need to do to generate my Total VET Data?

VETtrak provides the facility to generate AVETMISS (NAT files) for both a State Reporting Body and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), across currently supported AVETMISS standards.

To generate records for NCVER, located the Generate National AVETMISS option under the AVETMISS menu:


The following wizard will appear:


Very few options need to be changed or amended in this area.

  • The Submission Period should reflect the Entire Year
  • Enforce end of year validation will indicate that this is your final end of year submission. When this box is ticked, VETtrak will apply additional validation rules for your data that can cause errors to appear in an AVETMISS generation where you may not anticipate errors.

Press Next to begin the generation - you may encounter a message like the following:


This message is part of a very specific NCVER requirement, where they request that your National AVETMISS files do not include any Course Information that is not present on the TGA website. So, VETtrak will remove any Non-Accredited Course Information from your NAT file generation.

Your first thought may be: "Does this mean my data will be incomplete??"

Answer: Not at all! All of your unit activity (Units, Dates, Results) will remain present.

Review the information within this window, and when ready you can press Close to display the AVETMISS generation wizard proper:


Like all AVETMISS generations, there may be Warnings and Errors to be reviewed before you can submit your AVETMISS information.

If you are not familiar with the standard practice of amending NAT file issues, we have a prepared Help Centre article that will cover the entire process: 

Commonly, for a National AVETMISS Generation, you will encounter issues regarding to:

  • Unit Date Information
    These will be the most likely issues you will encounter, as it will question any incomplete unit information, such as continuing results that are set in the past.  
    • Example:

      Solutions: Amend Unit Results that are no longer meant to be Continuing. If the units ARE supposed to be continuing, but require a new finish date set in the future, make use of the Extend Unit Dates wizard to quickly and easily update that information.
  • Funding Detail Information
    Enrolment Funding details will be reviewed as part of your national generation, targeting any information that may have been recorded incorrectly.
    • Example:

      Solutions: Review any Enrolment details that reflect AVETMISS-captured funding information, such as Funding Sources.
  • Missing/Incomplete Details
    Fairly self explanatory - any information recorded that is incomplete or missing (and required) will be flagged and displayed as a warning or an error.
    • Example:

      Solutions: Review any entered information that is displayed in this way and amend any missing information that may be required.


Once your NAT File Generation is entirely free of Errors, you can then submit the information to NCVER.

The Save NAT files option will become available, and pressing it will display the following options:


From here you can choose to manually Save the NAT files and upload them to the NCVER AVETMISS Validation Software website.

A far easier option however is to make use of the VETtrak AVS Integration - simply put, this will allow your VETtrak system to directly send your NCVER NAT files to the AVS website via the web. Best of all, the process to set up this integration is incredibly quick and simple!

This will the allow you to tick the Upload to AVS checkbox and streamline your submission:

We have a prepared the following Help Centre article that will cover the entire process for setting up the VETtrak AVS Integration


Once you have successfully submitted error-free data to NCVER, and finalised the submission - You are done!

What kind of VETtrak training data is collected for my Total VET generation?

At it's core, the information being gathered as part of the NCVER requirements is targeting any Unit Activity that has been flagged as Report to national bode (NCVER) within the Enrolment wizard:


This kind of training is overwhelming based around a funding type of Fee For Service, reflected in VETtrak as Funding Source 20 - Domestic client - other revenue as one example:


I still need help with my Submission!

If you end up stuck on a particular step of your submission – such as a specific error or warning has you entirely trapped and you have been unable to identify the solution – it may be time to speak to a member of the VETtrak Support Team.

To help with this, we will ask for you to please provide some critical details of the nature of the AVETMISS reporting issue you may be experiencing so we may provide assistance as efficiently as possible.

It is immensely helpful if you can provide:

  • Details on the AVETMISS errors you may be receiving (Full error details, such as description, are appreciated)
  • AVETMISS Error reports provided from the reporting body, presented in a PDF or Spreadsheet
  • If possible, a copy of the NAT files containing the reported error
  • Details on any solutions you may have attempted to solve the issue, if they are not successful

As always, we do have a range of articles available on the Help Centre that address AVETMISS reporting needs.

Options to contact VETtrak Support are available here.


"When is the submission deadline?"

  • Regarding annual deadlines, the advice from NCVER is as follows:
    For RTOs reporting fee-for-service training activity, you can submit your AVETMISS data via AVS to the annual National VET Provider Collection, which opens on 1st January and closes generally on 28th February (or the last business day of the month) of the year following the collection period.

"What do I do if I have missed the submission deadline?"

  • If you encounter a 'cutoff' where you are unable to finalise any error-free data, you will need to contact NCVER for advice on what to do.
    NCVER has a dedicated Client Support team to help you with your AVETMISS related queries and can be contacted a number of ways:
    • Fill out our contact form:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 08 8230 8400
    • Toll free: 1800 649 452

"What do I do if I do not have any data to submit?"

  • If your RTO is in a position where you have no outstanding data to submit, NCVER advised that a 'nil return' is to be submitted:
    Any RTO that did not deliver or assess nationally recognised training activity in a calendar year must also report as such in January/February when the annual collection window opens by way of a nil return via the AVETMISS Validation Software.

The above information has been sourced from the RTO data reporting fact sheets.


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