Selecting when a Question Set Applies To a Registration

VETenrol Admin Configuration Card Step Creation

Question Sets are a part of the Custom Step feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) via the link under Step Creation.

Question Sets act as containers for questions. Once a Question Set contains at least one question, the Set can display at the Custom step during the registration process.

A Question Set can also be restricted to display only during the registration process for specific programme types, programmes and/or occurrences. To achieve this:

  1. The Question Set must have the value of Selected in the Applies to column.
  2. At least one inclusion must be applied to the Question Set via the Selected link.


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Changing the Question Set Applies To Value

A Question Set with the Applies to value of All needs to be swapped over to Selected in order to have the Question Set display for specific cases. The help centre article Modifying an existing Question Set provides instructions for making changes. 


Setting Inclusions for a Question Set

To restrict the cases for when a Question Set will apply to a registration:


  • Click the VETenrol Admin Icon Open Selected link.

This will open the Custom Set Inclusions page:


The Custom Set Inclusions page allows you to manage the inclusions for the question set.

  • The Back button will return you to the Custom Step page.
  • The New Button will open the modal to create a new inclusion.


If the set is new or has just been changed over to apply to selected, there will not be any inclusions when first visiting.


Creating A New Inclusion

There must be at least one inclusion for a Question Set with the Selected value in the Applies to column to be valid and appear during registration.

  • Click the New button or the Create a new inclusion link, which appears in place of the list when no inclusions exist.
    This will open the Inclusion modal.


  • Enter either a Programme Name or Type, or an Occurrence IDin the relevant field.

    Note: VETenrol's API Summary report lists the occurrences it can retrieve from the API and those details include Programme Types, Programme Names and Occurrence IDs.

    To determine which option you want to use, please consider:

    • Programme Type
      VETenrol will include the Question Set for any registration into any programme with a matching Programme Type. This is a fast was of including the Question Set for various, related programmes.

      Note: Each programme has a Programme Type assigned in your VETtrak, however if the feature isn't used each programme will likely be in the Default Programme Type. You may set up Programme Types for use with VETenrol, or ignore them and use the Programme Name option instead.

    • Programme Name
      VETenrol will include the Question Set for any registration into the programme with the same name. This can be used for finer control of the inclusions.
    • Occurrence ID
      VETenrol will include the Question Set for any registration into the specific occurrence matching the Occurrence ID provided. This is for very limited use, as typically occurrences expire quickly.
  • Click the Save button.

Additional inclusions can be created if the Question Set requires them.

For example: A Question Set might end up with five inclusions, all for different programme names. This might be because:

  • Programme types are not in use,
  • The programmes all have different types, or
  • Most of the programmes that share the same type don't need the Question Set to be part of the registration process.

Another Question Set might have two inclusions. The first inclusion may be of a particular Programme Type, whereas the second inclusion might be a Programme Name, one with a different type to the first inclusion. In this case the other programmes that also have that second programme type would be ones that don't need the Question Set (since if the Question Set should be included for all of them too, the second inclusion would also be for the programme's type and not name).


Managing Existing Inclusions

Once an Inclusion has been created, it will appear in the list.

VETenrol Admin Custom Set Inclusions - List

  • Edit an existing inclusion by clicking the link (VETenrol Admin Icon Edit with a number) in the ID column. This will re-open the Inclusion modal to make changes.
  • Permanently remove unwanted inclusions using the VETenrol Admin Icon Deletedelete link.


The list will only be displayed for a Question Set with existing inclusions. Otherwise, the list will be hidden until the first inclusion is saved.

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