Custom Step Overview

Custom is a step, or page, in the registration process that is presented to users based on the content created and managed in the VETenrol Admin using the Custom Step feature.

The content consists primarily of questions, but will also comprise of at least one heading and potentially a description.

VETenrol Front-End Custom Step

A question set displayed at the Custom step demonstrating various question types.

The Custom Step feature facilitates content creation and management using question sets, which are containers used to determine the heading, description and conditions of inclusion for the associated questions.

All of the applicable question sets are displayed together at the Custom step during the registration process.

Users answer the questions presented during registration and these are recorded. The questions and answers can be viewed in the user's Registration Details.

Due to the customised nature, answers cannot be sent directly into VETtrak as occurs with much of the other information collected during registration. However, answers can potentially be reported on using the Export Data report and the exported results can be used to populate Custom Fields in VETtrak.

NOTE: The Export Data report will not include custom questions and answers by default. A request to update the report to include your question sets will need to be made to Support.


Understanding the Custom Step Interface

The Custom Step feature is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the link under Step Creation.

VETenrol Admin Custom Step

The primary page elements are:

  • The Question Set section to facilitate the creation of new sets and allow existing sets to be viewed and modified.
  • List of saved sets, which allows them to be managed.

NOTE: The Custom step is enabled in the registration process when at least one set has been created and it applies to the registration.

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