Managing Questions for a Set

VETenrol Admin Configuration Step Creation Card

Questions and Question Sets are a part of the Custom Step feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the link under Step Creation.

Question Sets act as containers for questions. Once a Question Set contains at least one question, the Set can display at the Custom step during the registration process.

Questions are managed from the list of sets on the Custom Step page.

VETenrol Admin Custom Step List

  • Click the link (VETenrol Admin Icon Open with a number) in the Questions column of the List.

This will open the Custom Set Questions page, with the following elements:


  • The Question section facilitates the creation of a new question or allows existing questions to be viewed and modified.
    • The New button clears the Question section fields for a new question to be saved.
    • The Save Button will save the current Question section entries into the list.
  • The list contains saved questions and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the VETenrol Admin Icon Edit Question links to modify the question.
    • Use the VETenrol Admin Icon Move Upmove up and VETenrol Admin Icon Move Downmove down links to order the list. This also determines the display order for users.
    • Permanently remove unwanted questions using the VETenrol Admin Icon Deletedelete link.
  • The Back button will return you to the Custom Step page.


The List will only be displayed if you are managing a set with existing questions. Otherwise, it will be hidden until the first question is saved.

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