Creating a Question Set

Question Sets are a part of the Custom Step feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the link under Step Creation.


Question Sets act as containers for questions. Creating a Question Set is the first step towards creating questions that will display at the Custom step of the registration process.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Step Creation Card

The Question Set is created using the section at the top of the Custom Step page in your VETenrol Admin:

VETenrol Admin Custom Step Question SetCustom Step Heading

A Question set at the Custom step during registration showing the Heading and description text.

  1. Enter the Heading to be displayed for the set.
  2. Type the Description text to be displayed beneath this heading. Text can be typed directly in the field displayed, or open the editor by clicking the icon (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor). The field can be left blank if it is not required.
  3. Choose the option for Type to identify if the set is displayed for all programmes (ie. every registration), or only when registering for specific programmes and/or occurrences.
  4. Click the Save button.

The Question Set will appear in the list once it has been created.


At this stage the set is inactive and will not display at the Custom step since there must be at least one question.

NEXT: Adding questions to a set.

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