Understanding Enquiry Details

Submitted Enquiries can be viewed and managed by choosing Activity () and then Enquiries from the menu.

Enquiry Details are available for each enquiry in the list.


  • Click the Open icon name to open the details for that record.

The Enquiry Details page displays the complete record and comment log for a single enquiry.

There are three sections for the Enquiry Details page:

  1. Enquiry Details
  2. Office Use
  3. Diary

Each of sections have some features that allow interaction.

Enquiry Details

This section displays the information provided by the user when they made the enquiry.

  • Click the  icon to email the user a message from a template (of type Enquiry Response).

The user's name and contact details can also be edited to correct typographical errors. To do this:

  • Edit the details in the relevant fields.
  • Click the Update Changes button.

A record of the change will be included in the Comment Log.

Office use

This section provides administrative control for the enquiry.

  • Status— set the status of the enquiry. This may be:
    • Active — The enquiry is new/unanswered.
    • Cancelled — The enquiry has been cancelled.
    • Complete — A response has been sent that answers the enquiry.
  • Date Closed — the date the status was changed to Completed or Cancelled.
  • Comment — comments or notes for the enquiry. Eg. A cancellation reason.
  • The Save Comment button — click this to save text entered in the comments field. Content will be logged into the Diary and cleared.


This is a record of updates to the enquiry.

  • Date — the date and time for the entry. The dates listed in this column can be clicked to view the full entry.
  • Type — the type of record. This may be:
    • Change — details of adjustment(s) to the name and/or contact details for the enquiry.
    • Comment — comment(s) added to the Enquiry via the Office Use section.
    • Email — message(s) sent from within VETenrol in response to the enquiry.
  • Comment — the message contained in the comment or email.

Next: Enquiry Diary for viewing and adding comments.

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