Enquiries in VETenrol Client Administration

The Enquiries menu item, available from the Activity sub-menu, provides details and management for all enquiries submitted regarding specific occurrences.


  1. Filter registrations to show only matching records using:

    • 'From' and 'To'— Filter by a date range. The entries will be matched based on the date the enquiry was made.

    • 'Name' — Filter by the customer's name. The entry will be matched to any part of the name provided by the customer.

    • 'Programme' — Filter by programme name. The entry will be matched to any part of the programme selected by the customer.

    • 'Status' — Filter by the status assigned to enquiries. For example, choose 'Complete' to view enquiries that have received a response and are no longer displayed on the screen by default.

  2.  List operations buttons:

    • The 'Add Enquiry' button allows for an enquiry to be added manually.

    • The 'Refresh List' button will apply or remove filters.

    • The 'Export' button will save a .xlsx spreadsheet of the displayed records.

  3. Registration List table — This is the at-a-glance information provided for each current enrolment.

    • 'Name' — The customer's full name. The names listed in this column can be clicked to open individual Enquiry Details.

    • 'Date' — The date and time the enquiry was sent.

    • 'Source' — Where the enquiry came from, typically 'VETenrol Enquiry Form'.

    • 'Status' — The status of the enquiry (for administrative purposes).
      This may be:

      • Active — The enquiry is new/unanswered.

      • Cancelled — The enquiry has been cancelled.

      • Complete — A response has been sent that answers the enquiry.

    • 'Email' — The customer's email address.

    • 'Phone' — The customer's telephone or mobile number, if provided.

    • 'Programme(s)' — The course or courses selected by the customer.

    • 'Enquiry' — The message sent by the customer.

    • icon — View notes/comments for the enquiry.

    •  icon — Email the customer a message from a template.



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