Eligibility Builder

The Eligibility Builder, available from the Custom sub-menu, provides a simplified method of creating an eligibility link. By choosing the desired form and outcomes, generate a link that can be sent to users or added to your website.


The primary page elements are:

  • The Eligibility Builder section for selecting the form.

  • The eligibility table shows the questions and outcomes for the selected form, where each outcome must be set so that a valid URL can be generated.

  • The 'Result' section

    • The URL to match the Eligibility Builder options is updated as changes are made.

    • The 'copy' link for the URL.

    • 'Eligibility Name' to specify a name for the current URL for saving.

    • The 'New' button will reset the selected form and outcomes to the defaults. The Eligibility Name will also be cleared.

    • The 'Save' button to save the existing result link and name.

  • The table of saved eligibility links (only displayed once at least one link has been saved).


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