Building an Eligibility Link

NOTE: You may want to refer to the Summary Report to obtain the relevant IDs before building a link.

To build a link for an eligibility form:

  • Highlight the Custom menu option.

  • Select Eligibility Builder.

This will open the Eligibility Builder page. Now complete the following:


  1. Select an Eligibility Form from the drop-down menu.

Then for each outcome in the table:


  1. Click the link for the No Outcome or the Yes Outcome to set the result.


  1. Choose an Outcome Type from the drop-down menu. The outcome type controls what will occur if the user receives this outcome.

    You may need to supply some additional details here before clicking OK to confirm the selection. The following outcome types are available:

    • Contact form presents the user with an enquiry form.

    • Occurrence Registrationdirects the user to a specific occurrence.

      • Occurrence ID must be specified to identify which occurrence.

      • Price ID is recommended to identify the pricing that applies.

    • Programme Registrationdirects the user to a specific programme where they can choose their desired occurrence.

      • Programme ID must be specified to identify the programme.

The link will be generated as you make changes. Once all outcomes have been set the link will be ready for copying and use elsewhere.


  1. Click the copy link.

Paste the link into a document, email or other location for use. You can also paste the link into your browser's address bar to experience the eligibility form as a user.


NOTE: Be sure to always use the link as it is originally built. If you open the link in a browser, the address will change for security and privacy purposes. Other people will not be able to use a link copied from your browser address bar, even though it may continue to work for you for some time.


If you wish to save and reuse the link:


  1. Enter a meaningful 'Eligibility Name' to help identify the link for future use.

  2. Click the 'Save' button.

The saved eligibility link will appear in a table, where it can be edited, duplicated or deleted.


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