VETtrak Permissions for VETenrol Named User Login

In order to log in to your VETenrol Administration, permissions for the staff members requiring access must be set.

These instructions assume your VETrak version is already 21.2 as required for this functionality.

The first step is to check that your VETtrak is licensed for the VETenrol feature.

  • Choose File > Global Preferences.
  • Select Registration Keys.


  • If the VETenrol feature does not appear (as depicted in the screenshot above), click Update key automatically. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Support.

Note: If you have not already set up the API, you should also check for the API Functions feature at this time. If the feature doesn't exist and the automatic update doesn't add API Functions, please contact your VETtrak Pty Ltd Account Manager to a) purchase the API, or b) resolve the licensing issue.


Assigning Users to VETenrol Roles

There are two default roles for VETenrol:

  1. Registrations Only: This is a limited access role, allowing assigned users to view and manage registrations and associated tasks, but not access configuration options. This is the recommended role for most staff members.
  2. Site Administration: This is a full access role, allowing assigned users access to all available VETenrol features and configuration settings. There should always be at least one user assigned to this role, but additional users should only be added with discretion.

Assign the staff member to be responsible for configuring and managing VETenrol:

  • Choose Manage > Security from the menus (or press F10 on your keyboard).


  • Expand Application/Role management.
  • Expand VETenrol.
  • Expand VETenrol site administration.
  • Right-click Assigned users and choose to Assign users to role.

This will open the Assign Users to Role Wizard:


  • Enter a few letters in the Surname search field.
  • Double click the Staff member listed on the left to add them to Selected staff on the right.
  • Click Next and Finish.

You can now repeat this process to assign staff member(s) to the VETenrol registrations only role (if required).


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