Deferred Payments

Deferred payments allow registrations to be received without payment. The appropriate pricing can then be determined and the customer emailed to make the payment. This feature may be applicable to RTOs that want to assess eligibility or membership prior to providing students with a price.

This is a feature by request, please contact Support to have this feature enabled for your VETenrol account. A payment gateway integration is required to use this feature.

NOTE: Deferred payment applies to all registrations. There will be no payment options available during the registration process. Relevant payment options that are enabled will be offered to the student during the Pay Now process.


  • The Change link will allow a new payment type to be selected.
  • The Pay Now link will open the Email Client dialog so the client can be emailed from a template.


Changing pricing

By clicking the Change link for the Payment Details, you can set a price for the customer before they are requested to pay.

  1. Select the Price Name from the list. These are the pricing items set in your VETtrak.
  2. Click the Save button.

The registration will be updated with the new cost and the customer can be emailed to make the payment.



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