Discounts Overview

The Discount feature for VETenrol facilitates the application of discounts to registrations. There are three types of discounts available for use:

  1. Discount by code.
  2. Discount for a Credit Card payment.
  3. Group discounts based on places in a group booking, called Volume Discounts.

Discounts are managed from the VETenrol Admin via the Configuration () page. All three types are available through the Discount Settings page under Payment Settings, however Volume Discounts also appears under Group Bookings.

VETenrol Admin Discount Settings

Key aspects of the Discount Settings page:

  • Navigation to related pages, including:
    • Payment Settings — set available payment methods other than credit card.
    • Discount Codes — view and manage discount codes.
    • Group Discounts — view and manage volume discounts.
  • Discounts section — Globally enable discount codes for registrations, which also features a link to the Discount Codes page.
  • Credit Card Discount section — Globally enable a credit card discount (not applicable to Rapid Registrations).
  • The Save button for keeping changes made to either section.

Unsaved changes to either section will be discarded upon navigating away from the page.

Discount by code

Discount Codes are to facilitate the creation of codes for use in promotions, or to reward an individual. Discount codes are for global usage and can be redeemed as part of any standard, group or rapid registration. Codes can apply to any registration or only for specific programmes (courses), and may be restricted to an email address, expiry date or number of uses.

The existence of a code does not make them available for use. The Allow discount codes option must be enabled on the Discount Settings page for users to be given the opportunity to enter a code while registering. The code itself must also be communicated to the intended recipient(s) for them to be able to input the correct code.

Codes could be guessed! For example using the word discount as a code is not recommended.

See Also: Discount Codes

Discount for a credit card payment

The Credit Card Discount is a global setting that applies to the standard VETenrol registration process for individuals and group bookings. The setting will apply to registrations where the Credit Card payment method is chosen, and can be used to implement a surcharge instead of a discount.

See Also: Credit Card Discount

Group Discounts

The group discounts are known as volume discounts, since they apply to the number places or quantity of people being registered together. These are exclusive to Group Bookings. 

See Also: Volume Discounts

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