Language, Literacy & Numeracy Quizzes (LLNs) Overview

LLN is a step, or page, of the standard registration process that is presented to users based on content created and managed in the VETenrol Admin using the LLN Quizzes feature.

Users answer the questions presented during registration and these are recorded. The questions and answers can be viewed in the user's Registration Details, together with the correct answer (if set) and an indicators guide for the assessor (if set).

Due to the customised nature, answers cannot be sent directly into VETtrak as occurs with much of the other information collected during registration. However, answers can potentially be reported on using the Export Data report and the exported results can be used to populate Custom Fields in VETtrak.

NOTE: The Export Data report will not include LLN quizzes by default.
A Custom Report Request can be made to have this updated.

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How LLN Quizzes work

The feature structures a quiz to have conditions of inclusion, resources (such as images) and indicators for assessment as well as the content for users. Multiple LLNs can be created and assigned to appear in the registration process on a per programme basis.

Quiz Content

Quiz content is made up of sections with questions. The most basic quiz would have just one section and a few questions, whereas a more complex quiz would be made up of multiple sections. Although it is not necessary to separate questions into multiple sections without reason.

Sections are used to structure the quiz content. The section content can simply be a heading, or it can provide instructions or background information for the questions, for example: a case study or a chart.

Each question can have a correct answer and a value to determine the space given to the user to provide their answer.

Quiz Presentation

The quiz, if it is included, is presented towards the end of the registration process. All questions are mandatory and require the user to type something in each field. VETenrol handles numbering for the LLN automatically, there are two options provided:

  1. Default - Questions are numbered sequentially. Sections are ignored.
  2. Multi-level - Sections are numbered sequentially. The questions in each section are lettered alphabetically (a, b, c, etc) and reset to 'a' for the first question in each section. The letter will be omitted if there is only one question in the section.

VETenrol LLN Step of Standard Rego with default numbering

LLN step - default numbering

VETenrol LLN Step of Standard Rego with multi-level numbering

LLN step - Multi-level

Preparing to create a quiz

Creating a new quiz generally requires some thought to be put into the design and structure. Although the quiz can be modified at any time, creation will be faster with a plan.

Consider what sections will be required in your LLN and the best numbering style ahead of time. If you already have a paper based LLN to work from, the headings in that can be used for sections. You should also look at the types of questions in your existing LLN and, since all answers are entered into a text box, give some thought to how questions can be adapted to suit that format.

Creation Workflow

The basic steps for creating a new LLN Quiz are as follows:

  1. Create the quiz.
  2. Assign Resources.
  3. Create the content.
    • Create each of the sections.
    • Create Questions for the sections.
  4. Set the indicators to help with assessing completed LLNs.
  5. Include programmes to determine for what courses the LLN will be added to the registration process.

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