Custom Forms Overview

The Custom Forms feature is for the creation, submission and management of independent forms.

Note: Both VETenrol and VETembark provide an interface for Custom Forms.

The VETenrol Front-end (student interface) provides the way for users to view and complete forms, whereas the VETenrol Admin provides the interface for form templates and for viewing forms completed by users.

The two distinct aspects provided by the VETenrol Admin can be broken down into the following feature categories:

  1. Form templates
  2. Completed forms


There is some preparation required to get started using Custom Forms. The workflow is:

  1. Initial Set up
    Follow through the instructions to set permissions for using the Products API and enable the Custom Forms to feature in your VETenrol Admin.
    Custom Forms requires the Products API (Enterprise+ only).
  2. Create a form
    Start a test form to familiarise yourself with the form Editor, or delve right into replicating one of your existing paper-based forms.
  3. Distribute the form
    Obtain form links from the VETenrol Admin and incorporate them into mail templates, or use the copied link as you see fit.
    We recommend trying the form from a user's perspective and submitting it at least once for testing purposes.
  4. Review form submissions
    Visit the VETenrol Admin to see the test submission(s) and get to know the interface.
  5. Adjust the settings for Custom Forms
    Now that you are familiar with the process, check out the global settings for Custom Forms.

The Form Editor provides access to some very powerful and complex functionality for components including support for custom scripts using JavaScript and JSONLogic.

Clients are very welcome to use these features, however the VETtrak Support Team are unable to provide specific assistance with questions in this area.

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