Award Verification Overview

The Award Verification Service retrieves certificate and statement of attainment information from VETtrak. It provides two levels of service, automated and manual.

The automated service provides verification of awards based on QR Codes scanned from a user's mobile phone or device, which automatically redirects and presents the verification results. In contrast, the verification can be done manually but requires the user to navigate to the Award Verification Service page and enter the required details to verify the award themselves.

The following manual process also depicts the equivalent entry point(s) for the automated process on the right.


TOP: The user enters their name and parchment ID, then clicks the Verify button.

VerifyAward - Found

TOP RIGHT: The user's details are compared against the organisation's VETtrak Database and return the details of the award if a match is found.

RIGHT: If there is no match or the award is not published, an error is returned to the user.


Set-up and Requirements for AVS

Award Wizard

In order for VETenrol to successfully retrieve award details, the Available for verification checkbox in the VETtrak Award Wizard must be ticked.

If this checkbox is not ticked, users will be able to enter the correct credentials to retrieve the information, but still, receive an error.

NOTE: Requires VETtrak 20.3

In addition to the requirement for awards to be available for verification, there are some other considerations for the service:

  • Automated:
    • QR Codes must be incorporated into existing award reports and self-service reports.
    • Only awards issued with the QR Code embedded can make use of the automated service level.

  • Manual:
    • A link to the AVS page must be added to your website, or otherwise made available to users in some way.
    • Awards issued in the past can still be verified if the award is set to be available for verification in VETtrak.


QR Coded Awards

Your awards within VETtrak can be updated by completing a Custom Report Request, or via Self-Service Reports Version 1502 (VETtrak version and above), to include a QR Code for the Award Verification Service.

The QR Code contains the information to automatically verify the award without requiring the user to enter any details. Users will need a suitable App to read the QR Code on their device.

When creating or editing an existing Self-Service Report, the QR Code for VETenrol is available as a report element and can be placed onto the report.


From the list of Report elements:

  • Expand QR Code.

  • Select the VETenrol Verified QR Code element.


From the Options:

  • Tick the Visible checkbox.

  • Choose a Size and Position suitable for the chosen report.

  • Click Apply changes.

  • Save the report.




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