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Parent/Guardian Workflow is a feature for the standard registration process that applies only if the user is a minor.

When the feature is active and the user's date of birth identifies them as a minor, the usual workflow of the registration process is adjusted to prompt the user to provide an email address for their parent or guardian.

Once the user confirms the registration, an email is sent requesting the parent/guardian's authorisation. The parent can then review and finalise the registration, including completing payment (if required).

The registration is only pushed to VETtrak if the parent confirms.

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Settings for Parent Workflow

The settings, including the option to enable the feature, are accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) via the Parent Workflow link under Standard Settings.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Card Standard Settings

VETenrol Admin Parent Workflow

The Parent/Guardian Workflow page has the following sections:

  • Workflow
    • Enable workflow checkbox — Toggles the workflow on or off. Fields in all other sections will be disabled unless this is ticked.
  • Notices
    Content presented to users as part of the workflow. The system default will be used for any field that is left blank. Text or Html can be entered directly, or alternatively open the Editor by clicking its icon (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor).
    • Student Notice — The text presented to the user explaining why their parent's signature is being requested.
    • Student Completion Blurb — The text presented to the minor on confirming their registration. This appears beneath the heading "Thank You", which is a page that replaces the usual on-screen confirmation.
    • Parent Notice — The text presented to the parent/guardian.
  • Parent/Guardian Email
    System defaults are used for fields that are left blank.
    • Subject — The subject line for the email message. This is text only.
    • Body — Content of the message.
      Text or Html can be entered directly into the field, or open the Editor (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor). If you would prefer to adjust the system default, click the Default button to insert the default text into the body field before opening the editor.


User experience of the workflow

During the registration process, a user determined to be a minor will be presented with the following text (by default) at the final step of their registration. Payment options will not be given.


Screenshot depicts defaults (setting fields left blank) of Parent Workflow, from the user perspective.


A parent/guardian, on clicking the link provided in their email, will be presented with the regular Confirm step, including the Payment Options. They will also see the regular on-screen confirmation step and receive the confirmation/receipt email.


Screenshot depicts registration completion from the parent/guardian's perspective.



Registrations Pending Approval

While a parent/guardian's approval is still pending, the registration will be considered an incomplete saved registration. It will only be viewable when the Status filter is used.


There are two applicable options that can be selected from the Status filter to view the registrations:

  • View pending Parent Approvals — this option shows only registrations awaiting parent/guardian approval.
  • View incomplete saved registrations — this option shows all registrations that have been saved for later, including those awaiting a parent/guardian to complete the registration.


Should the parent/guardian's approval not be received, there are a number of options available:


  1. Cancel Registration
    Where the parent has refused consent, or significant time has passed to suggest that consent is not going to be received, the registration can be cancelled. The option to cancel can also be used for duplicate pending registrations once consent has been received for one of them.
  2. Re-send notification
    The notification to the parent can be resent from Registration Details, as either a reminder or due to the parent's email being updated.
  3. Create Web Enrolment
    In certain situations, it may be desirable to forgo the parent's approval and process the registration as is. For example, if the student registers just days before turning eighteen, or where the parent has called or emailed to give permission outside of the VETenrol process.
  4. Update Parent Email
    In the case of an obvious error in the email, or receiving new details, you can edit the parent's email address and click the Update button to save the change. The notification can then be re-sent to the new email.


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