Registration Steps: Default

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Registration Steps The Registration Steps: Default page is accessed by clicking the Registration Steps heading or associated text from the Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) page in the VETenrol Admin.

Settings on this page allow for customisation of the required steps in the standard registration process.

VETenrol Admin Registration Steps page

Key aspects of the page:

  • Navigate to related pages:
    • Optional Steps — navigate to the Registration Steps: Optional page.
    • Funding Steps — navigate to the Registration Steps: Funding page.
    • Industry Steps — navigate to the Registration Steps: Industry-specific page.
  • Categories
    The page has three tabs corresponding to the required steps of the standard registration process.
  • Save
    This button commits any changes to the settings. It appears to the right of the navigation area and at the bottom of the page. Saving will keep changes to settings made across tabs.

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