Using the data completion feature

It is possible to send a VETenrol link to collect Contact Information, USI and AVETMISS for any of your VETtrak database clients that have an existing enrolment.

This feature has been primarily designed to assist the Group Enrolment process by enabling a link to be sent to any individual in a group enrolment whose details cannot be collected in the upfront Group Enrolment process. Its also been designed to assist short course providers who want a two-part enrolment process that focuses on collecting payment upfront and additional enrolment data as part of a secondary process.

The VETenrol link utilises the page and eID parameters to pass the necessary information. The page is completeregistration.aspx and the eID number must be an enrolment ID from your VETtrak database.

For example

VETenrol relies on basic client information associated with the enrolment to validate the user (name, date of birth), and then the details the user provides is used to update the client record in VETtrak at the end of the process.

NOTE: an invalid eID will be accepted, but VETenrol will not be able to match the personal information to verify the user, so the user will not be able to progress past the first page.


Set up

Our recommendation is that the link is distributed via email from your VETtrak database. As such, a Merge Template should be set up in your VETtrak for this purpose.


  • Select Occ enrolment for Context.

  • Enter a meaningful Name for the template.

  • Complete any of the optional fields, as desired, eg. Subject.

  • Enter an appropriate message in the body that includes the customised VETenrol URL.{EnrolmentId}
    • Be sure to replace VT-DEMO with your own VETenrol client ID.

      If you are copying and pasting the link directly into the message, make sure the text doesn't convert to a link until after the client ID has been changed.

    • The URL should end with the enrolment ID field from the list on the right so that this can be replaced with the relevant enrolment ID for the client on send.

This email template can be used by the client manager, by right-clicking an occurrence enrolment and choosing Email client, or from the programme manager via the Enrolments branch of an occurrence (all enrolments, or individually by selecting a client after expanding Enrolments).


User Experience

The student receiving and clicking on a data completion link will be presented with a page similar to the following:


The screenshot depicts our demo branding, but your organisation's branding will be applied.


Data completions settings are configured in VETenrol admin, see:

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