Eligibilities Overview

Eligibilities is a collection of features that facilitate the directing of users through a series of questions to determine an outcome, which can impact into what the user can register.

The Eligibilities feature consists of:

  • Eligibility Forms that map the questions and outcomes.
  • Builder tool to create links.
  • User interface for completing eligibility forms.
  • Admin interface for managing submitted eligibilities.

How Eligibilities work

An Eligibility comprises of a series of questions with a yes or no answer, that either leads to another question or an outcome. Yes/No answers for the same question can branch to different questions. An outcome is the end point of the branch.

When a user answers the questions and reaches an outcome they are prompted to provide basic details, which are recorded with their results and the user can be redirected to register.

Clients with the Products API may also direct users to a Custom Form instead of registering.

Both the questions and the outcomes are determined by the Eligibility Form, however what happens after the outcome is reached is determined by the link used to present the form. The user interface that handles the presentation of the questions and the outcome action is called the Eligibility Calculator.

See also: Eligibility Calculator

Eligibility Forms

Clients can use a small collection of forms, mostly based on various funding eligibility criteria, that are provided by default. Forms may be used to determine special pricing, suitability for registering for particular courses, or funding eligibility.  Clients cannot create Eligibility forms themselves, however they can be created for a VETenrol account by request on a fee-for-service basis.

If a requested form can be proven to be applicable to a variety of our clients, a form may be created for free and added to the default collection.

Eligibility Links

Links are the method for distributing eligibilities to users. The link determines what form is used and what happens when an outcome is reached. The Eligibility Builder tool in the VETenrol Admin allows clients to set the outcome action for forms and obtain links.

See also: Eligibility Builder

Consider this depiction of a basic eligibility form to determine if a user is suitable to undertake an online course:

Flowchart for a very basic Eligibility form

Flowchart for the Eligibility Builder of the same Eligibility Form

The form has two outcomes, eligible and ineligible, which can be reached via different paths. However the Eligibility Builder translates the form as having three outcomes, although only two are unique, an outcome may require a different action when reached via a different path.

For example, in the depicted form, a person who has indicated they have home internet may be directed to a full year online course, whereas the person without home access might be directed to a shorter online course even though they received the same outcome. Finally, the person answering that they cannot access the Internet at home or elsewhere, might be directed to classroom based courses.

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